Kuwakilisha Kenya Majuu. - Job well done!

Kenyan woman charged with $2.7M

Medicaid fraud in Massachusetts


WORCESTER – A former Worcester teacher who allegedly stole $2.7 million by filing false Medicaid claims was arrested Wednesday. Authorities said Hellen Kiago, 47, of Sturbridge, through her health care company, routinely over-billed and falsely billed for services that were not authorized. Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s office began an investigation after receiving complaints from several of Ms. Kiago’s former employees, alleging misconduct and fraudulent billing practices. On Sept. 28, a grand jury returned indictments against Ms. Kiago and her company, Lifestream Healthcare Alliance LLC, located at 37 Highland St. The company also operated in Dracut. The charges are five counts of Medicaid false claims and one count of larceny over $250 by false pretenses. According to the indictments, since at least July 2015, Ms. Kiago’s company billed MassHealth for home health provided to patients that were not authorized by a physician. Ms. Kiago also allegedly instructed an employee to forge physician signatures on certain patient plans of care that were not signed. In cases where a physician did authorize services, she allegedly billed for more hours than was authorized. She also allegedly retained more than allowed from payments received from MassHealth.

At Ms. Kiago’s arraignment Wednesday in Worcester Superior Court, Assistant Attorney General Nita Klunder said that two days after authorities with a search warrant went to the offices in Worcester and Dracut on Dec. 1, Ms. Kiago opened a bank account in the name of her young daughter. She deposited some of the money in that account. In January, Ms. Kiago allegedly transferred $1 million to an account in Kenya. She wired another $500,000 to the Kenyan account two months later. Ms. Klunder said the father of Ms. Kiago’s daughter lives in Kenya. Within two weeks of the search, Ms. Kiago married fellow Lifestream employee Cheyne Johnson. She received her green card in June. According to the Massachusetts secretary of state’s website, Mr. Johnson is also listed as the clerk and a director of Streamlife Agape International Inc., a nonprofit that Ms. Kiago allegedly operates at the 37 Highland St. office. As of July 28, authorities allegedly found $233,000 in the daughter’s bank account, and an additional $483,000 in two other bank accounts. There was also about $6,000 in her husband’s account.

Ms. Kiago entered a plea of not guilty at her arraignment. Defense attorney John George Molloy of North Smithfield said his client came from Kenya to the United States on a scholarship in 1998. He said she has two master’s degrees, including an MBA from Bentley University in Waltham. He said she was a teacher in Worcester from 2001 to 2014. He said Ms. Kiago also owns a transportation company. She owns Lifestream Transportation at 50 Elm St., Southbridge, according to the secretary of state’s website. Mr. Molloy said his client had never been arrested. Ms. Kiago’s mother, who was in the courtroom, later told a reporter that she had been in the country visiting her daughter the past two months. She seemed confused by the court proceedings. She said she was surprised when authorities arrested her daughter Wednesday morning. After the arraignment, she sat on a bench outside the courtroom waiting for her daughter’s husband to come back to pick her up. Mr. Molloy said his client’s husband was not in court because he had a class that he could not miss. He was later in the court clerk’s office to bail his wife out of jail. Judge Janet Kenton-Walker set bail at $100,000 cash or $1 million with surety. Ms. Kiago was ordered to surrender her passport and to call the Probation Department weekly. The case was continued to Dec. 6. - Source link-telegram.com

Hii tuliona…
Kaa hapo tu, just wait for them :slight_smile:

tuliona kabla akombe achomoke

Kitunguu inuke by any means necessary

Hellen Kiago
It had to be a … eye

Nimewekea the blind and the slow…
nimeona leo. Honest.

that is one smart woman

Actually she is a fool, mtu akona biz anafanya ukora ya nini? Now biz zake zimeenda chini kabisa.

Ni wapi wakikuyu walikosea jameni?

huyu madha ni fala angekuwa anarudisha 90% ya hizo pesa kenya , then akiona kunakaribia kuwa kubaya anachukua ndege mpaka kenya na kusimama MP pande ya sirikali , akichukua kiti anakaa ngumu kama Gumo . jinga kabisa


scamming that kind of money si kitu rahisi


Yeah sio easy but the risk huyu ametake is too high in a country like US sasa amelose kila kitu thats why she is a fool, considering alikuwa tayari akona biz.

The end justifies the means.

Kwisha. She is done. The best option she has right now is to make a plea deal. Most of these fraud cases are air-tight. By the time they come for you, they have all the money trail to the last penny! She will pay restitution for the rest of her life. They’ll also go for her other businesses and auction them off for pennies on the dollar. The irs will also look at her tax returns to see if they can get a piece of the pie. Homeland security will revoke her card as well. Of all the crimes you can do, hii ya fraud is the worst (i’m not implying that any crime is good). Achukue plea deal, let them take all the cash money from the bank accounts and bargain to keep some assets. Kukaa ngumu won’t help her at all.

Accounts zitakuwa frozen zote ama?

What about her assets and finances in Kenya?

There is a law called FATCA that banks in Kenya also comply with in terms of reporting. By the time that these investigators have leveled charges, they have followed the money trail, assets and beneficiaries of the loot. The prosecutors will definitely dangle the carrot that she discloses all the assets etc. Trust me, she will crack. That should be the least of her worries now. The time she will serve and when they are done with her she will wish she stuck to running her business legitimately.

Trumpistan wakikuamulia hapana macheso. kwanza that blood-sucking IRS.