kuuliza sio unjinga......"governors"

enyewe si kusoma saaaaana but,
1,would i be wrong to say that the work of a governor is not to sit in a county just to manage cash that is sent by the national government???
2,would be wrong to say that most of our governors are pain to their employer(common mwannachi)???
3,would i be wrong to say that things are hard with this people than there before???
4,would i be wrong to say that the governors are not justified to increase revenues in their country but they are supposed to move out and look for investors to cater for budgets ???

i might be wrong,judge me

choices have consequences mblo,you are the guys who voted for devolution knowing very well how our '[SIZE=5]‘leaders’'[/SIZE] would behave

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1: 100% right
2: 100% right
3: 100% right
4: 100% right

Most of the counties’ resources are plundered/used to pay bloated workforce. Problem is, how many Kenyans are even aware how much their counties receive from the C. government? This Katiba is just damn expensive and i think the first radical change would be to do away with senators and women reps.
BTW, how are Kenyan women gaining from the so called women representatives?
The constitution as i have stated in the past wasn’t about the common man; it was about creating positions and propagation of the selfish interests of the so called ‘civil society’

Frankly, i never voted for this constitution. I wasn’t swayed by the so called ‘freedom clauses’ that the draft constitution was promising to Kenyans. And Raila should be serious: How can you demand for 45% of national budget to be allocated to these counties? What have these county governors achieved with the billions that they’ve been receiving?
I tell you most solemnly that if the horrifying thievery in the counties is exposed, Goldenberg will look like an amateur pickpocket game.
Once again, Hyenas: 10, Kenyans: 0…and, as they say, we move on.

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i have relatives who work for various counties and i know first hand the plunder going on there is just a joke…the guys in procurement,legal and finance depts are the biggest beneficiaries…of course with the blessing of the clerk and speaker of county assembly who must give their blessing before any '‘eating’’ is done…enyewe kenya we have a long long long way to go

The elephant in the room is, what has the national government done all these years with the billions it has ? wacha hizi maendeleo kidogo kidogo za kukufunika macho. I see sense in devolution , i also see people who have a perfectionist attitude or rather too much expectations on a structure that is still making its baby steps. Ukweli usemwe, i wouldnt for example have access to ambulance or water in my county without the county government. I have my grand mother getting 200oksh after my county harmonized benefits for the elderly so that all could receive at least something. if eating is the issue, we also have eating at the national government that is bigger and better. … what am saying is: even though two wrongs dont make a right, i simply dont shy away from the fact that its better to have 5000 millionaires spread across the country than to have a 20 billionaires sitting shamelessly in nairobi , again its more possible to accuse my governor of corruption and probably get justice served than accuse the president.


Plunder at the national level is much more scary. Remember only 300 billion or so of the 1.8 trillion came down to county government. It is true that in kenya about 80% of the budget money never goes into productive use. It is probably worse with the former government structure. I dont know what is good anyway. Its try and error.


The devolved funds are usually calculated on the basis of revenue collected not budget, our budgets usually overshoot the revenue that is why there are talks of the Euro Bond and other debt instruments

you must be be from moon…take Nairobi for example,how MUCH more is going to the county with kidero in???..how was national government managing …before???

If you cant get what @Hunter Xp wrote there, then you’re dafter than i thought


It is my opinion that Nairobi and a few far-flung islands should neither be counties nor under any county. These should be directly administered by the central gov’t.

daft is under rated if you think you understood my line

when the wolf cry wolf something should be done and really fast.
kenyans with their thieves ways and funds misappropriation are now feeling the pinch of their carnivorous representatives?
we will bitch and come the next elections and the next we recycle the same trash we have for leaders.
this is a vicious circle not breaking soon

My take on this is that a governor’s job should be to bring positive changes to the county using the funds allocated by the central government and same time ensure that they as an assembly get enough revenue from within the county but in a transparent manner. If they have to for example increase the levies, there should be enough justification for doing that and provide services that reflect the levies they collect. The problem with this bunch is that they are in that leadership position to eat as much as they can and start projects that only benefit them. @wonderful wonder hapo umenena

For every 2,000 your mother gets 2,000,000 has been eaten

Devolution is necessary. Yes, money will be stolen but at least wananchi will be able to access services compared to the past. There are so many projects that have been initiated in different counties that never knew development since independence.

Quite on point…devolution is the way to go…we all know which counties would have enjoyed national development

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OOkay. Its still too small to bitch about compared to the national government share. If corruption is happening, the its up there.

@wonderful wonder siku hizi uko restless sana


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