kuuliza sio ujinga....who will rescue this country from mismanagement???

i remember my second trip to mt. longonot as if it happened yesterday only that it was over 3 years ago,it was a clear Saturday and i took time to hike mt. longonot,by 2pm,i was back at the starting point,tired,dirty,and hungry,there was nothing comforting than a cold shower in one of their newly built bathrooms,the bathrooms were clean,and had a plenty of water…fast forward 3 years from then…18/07/2015…the place looks pathetic,the toilets are dirty,the showers are no longer working, the place looks like a desert or a deserted place.

in 2012 the charges were 50ksh for citizens and 500 for non citizens,today gate charges stand at 350 for “us” and …i don’t know how much …“them”,they increased the charges and lowered the services.unfortunately one of our team members developed complications at the peak,we called the emergency numbers provided at the peak…WE DID NOT GET HELP 2HRS PLUS AFTER OUR CALL

we have perfect ideas,we have good innovations,but our maintenance is very poor,who will save us ???

Only God can save us. Politicians only be thinking of how to fatten their pockets

Yeah its really gone down to the dogs…to cap it all there is no water at all even in their big tanks…thier services and customer care were good Julius Kipn’getich was the director…sahii mambo ni mbaya

Same with watamu marine park. Nothing to speak about despite kws’s imposing gate. Yet we claim that we can revive tourism. This country lacks focussed leadership. Even our president, i see him do somethings that endear him to the common mwananchi like drinking soda in a kiosk or visiting westgate impromptu and buying juice, but policy wise i think he has no idea how to end the rot in this country

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But the mainstream KWS is good at managing security in parks…last month i was at Amboseli and some tour van was caught driving off the track following animals…the Van was promptly towed away and a helicopter ferried him to Nairobi to be charged…(the tour company will foot the helicopter bill ) plus fines…i hear those guys are no joke…in Maasai Mara everyone drives off track to follow the animals na and the Narok County Askaris hawananga shida…ask any tour operator and they wil tell you those KWS guys are no joke

was once caught speeding at Nairobi National park coz I was late and lost inside the park. I was fined at their offices on my way out

Ngoja kwanza uone vile camera za safaricom zitachapa alafu utajua zilikua zinachungulia obama tu!

kwanza guys like speeding sana hapo Nairobi National Park coz mtu ako na 4by4 ile hajazoea…hata just this month i saw in the papers a very young lady passed away on a freak accident huko…


yep, but I was deep inside the park, no sense of direction, found the kitengela gate non-operational and locked, and it was fast approaching seven PM panicked and hit the gas (that was foolish of me)

Shinda ni sisi, we support our corrupt politician goons on tribal bases & we expect anything to change???


wakenya ndio shida you vote in the name of tribalism thinking you will be assisted sasa habari ndio hiyo

But that is why you will drive for hours in thw Amboseli without seeing a big cat while in the mara you will hardly miss one. You see the cats rarely stay near the tracks. But all the same this is a tricky one

Amboseli ni for big elephants mostly sio lions…kwanza the last time i went to Mara it was so crowded mpaka kulikuwa na traffic jam vans jostling everywhere

So why dont you step up and do something about it instead of whining like a little bish? Serre

Things will change kuanzia kwa counties first, next election watu hawata vote for the governor just because he belongs to a certain party. Will wameharibu hospitali. Watu wataanza kutumia ubongo and then the same reasoning to move up to national politics.

I do it in my own small way like educating you

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we are such blessed,we have longnot for ourselves,its there for us to charge and make people come back one more time…but just providing water…bure kabisa

Haha i also got lost some time last year. You end up going in circles went to the picnic site twice, luckily i spotted that CIC chairman Nyachae and followed his vehicle polepole hadi exit.


hehehe huko ndani deep inside the park you loose any sense of direction, I found myself in a mini forest with cannopies and giraffes just idling huko ndani zikiniangalia. To think niliingilia Lang’ata gate najipata sijui athi river ama kitengela gate na there is no personnel hapo. Had even though naweza park gari kando ya bara bara I sleep if it got to that kam ningekosa kupata exit.I ended up leaving the park through the MSA rd. exit forgot the exact point

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i have a lady-friend alipotelea kwa park a week after watching 'prey" the movie…she was crying like a little one,luckily akaonwa na ma rangers

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