kuuliza sio ujinga...north eastern leaders

north eastern leaders led by the much able Aden Duale,are they blind or stupid,are they aware of long time effect of terror attacks in north eastern region,aren’t they seeing that schools are closing down???arent they seeing that teachers are leaving their region???aren’t they seeing that businesses are seeing affected???aren’t they seeing that 10 yrs from now the area wont be competing with the rest of the country???aren’t they aware of central contribution against eradication of mungiki???

i might be very wrong but…n.eastern leaders are not taking the matter with the weight it deserves,let them be jealous with their region.

Hii marriage ya URP & TNA sioni iki last beyond 2017

  1. RV leaders are divided whether to allow Ruto to support UK in 2017 or go for it himself.
  2. Mps (Kikuyu Mps) are the ones attacking Duale (URP) and want him censored.

Politics is about interets. So, do not read too much in those political statements.

Our central brothers being “pro business” would not allow negativity thrive. They re-fashioned mungiki into a more appealing shadow organization. However, it is not down and out, only it applies new tact. As for Duale and ilk, the task at hand is to face paint extremist terrorist into a different thing. An impossible task considering the radical agendas of shabaab. Therefore, NE region will be the beacon of backwardness as never seen in any other part of The Great Republic of Kenya.

I know someone who benefits from the situation as it is. He exports professional services to Somalia for the rich in NE. His trade is between Kenya and Somalia, he will be in Kenya for two weeks, take off to Somalia for a week and rest for a week. Pesa iko io stretch ya Kenya to Somalia wachana nayo. Unfortunately or fortunately, they are the only ones who can do that so they benefit from the situation. To date, I have not met someone who is between 30-35 and makes as much money as that guy.

NEP - Never Ending Problems.

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Do you know that they don’t want that area to be developed and opened up to the rest of the country? Nyinyi bakini mkilia ja alshabaab.

^^^the same way they don’t want Somalia to have peace. So that they move from world’s third highest exporter of refugees to second and first. They do not want to develop their place, hate authority, but want to go all over the developed world - while maintaining strong links with their underdeveloped base.