kuuliza sio ujinga...NACADA.

call me a hekaya man ,but let the truth be told.

the existence of nacada is a a brilliant idea,but the structure of their duty,mandate and the leadership is wanting,one thing that comes into any layman's mind when you hear of Nacada is fighting and rescuing the already affected citizens,but tell me,what are the actions that Nacada take after arresting someone with illicit liquor????where is Nacada rehabilitation Centre???how much do they charge per person??????i will not be surprised the answer is either ,"no one knows" or they don't have at all.

what do Nacada do with affected citizens,or are they just left to the mercy of society that in most usual cases have already neglected them???are there sports teams,leisure ground,recreation parks managed by Nacada to try to get our youth from the drug and substance abuses???

just thinking of prevention instead of cure


According to the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances Act, rehabilitation centers were supposed to be established and run by or under the oversight of good old provincial administration. Right there is where the mess begins.

Next mega scandal - NACADA multi-billion drug rehabilitation complex

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my question is now that licences have been nullified will they make new reapplications or whats supposed to happen coz if the latter happens we will go back to the same menace

You mean there is none

NACADA is a waste of resources

We must learn to abuse drugs responsibly:)

Next we are going to hear is that a huge fire has broken out at the Nacada headquarters and consumed all the records.

talk of the withdrawals to be experienced…