kuuliza sio ujinga...Kwani doctors are gods in this country

i have keenly been following the busia saga,where a number of children were given an injection that contained what only God knows and a child who was born and brought up well by a caring,loving, law abiding citizens are now a group of limping zombies.

i saw a disturbing image of children using their all four,to make the matter worse,the county government is quite on the matter,to make the matter worst,Nairobi hospital (private institution) offered to treat them as if there no government hospitals in this republic.....seriously,what was Kenyatta  hospital doing since the case was reported????what was kisumu hospital doing,what moi eldoret doing??????kwani hatuna our own doctors?????

i also want to know the sentence that was handed over to the doctors involve and measures taken against the company that supplied the vaccine…and why it only affected a specific hospital/dispensary…

I dont know,but if it was a case of faulty procurement, then I dont think the nurse should be blamed, she could not possibly know the medicine is bad by just looking at the label

indeed…swali muhimu

i blame the nurse coz all injections did not happen in a day…parents who took their children on the 1st day went back to the clinic the following day and imagine the nurse continued administering the dosage for weeks…if we are taking about children injected on the 1st day only…well…it would had been a different case.

umeambiwa faulty procurement. If 100 dozens of a faulty consignment are delivered to the hospital it will mean what?

kwani ni hospitli moja ilikuwa imepokea bidhaa gushi???

we are also talking about 30 lives,the nurse should have stopped the injection the day the 1st case was reported

was the issue traced to the vaccine? i thought there was speculation that the nurse who injected them hit a nerve that caused partial-paralysis?

Point of correction, the injections were administered by a “nurse”, not doctors! a number of things come into play here. they might have been injected with toxic medication, or injected into the (sciatic) nerve. those are lives of young people that have been destroyed as a result of those injection. sometimes i think, the health sector got worse after devolution. villagers claim that, the fellow who adminstered the injection was “a nurse”, without qualification, but someone who used to clean the hospital corridors, but was elevated to the injection room, thanks to powerfull connections within the county gava.

i hate the way we push responsibility to others…the hospital or a clinic or a dispensary must be under a qualified doctor,and 30 similar cases,that seems like were preventable should not be under a single nurse or “nurse” the responsibility of the all patients is under the doctor involved

No, It is the ignorant of it leaders including u.

While I agree with you, I don’t think this is the right forum for such demands.

i know of a guy at shaggs who was a cleaner in a gova dispensary, he was elevated to a physician level later the guy quit and opened a dispensing chemist yake. Jamaa ata hajawahi ingia class ya nursing.

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We are doomed!

he can also be a google pharmacist

boss you know how production in batches goes. An accident occurs and affects a specific quantity of a product and those boxes are serialized like xxxxx1-xxxxx30 and when kemsa buys those serial numbers can end up in one place

this is an unknown side effect I assume so investigations begin on the assumption there is something wrong with patient zero not the jab. as you follow up on patient zero’s bloodwoek, diet, home environment, you continue giving jabs. and such investigations can only be done by high level medical experts including pharmacists. even stopping the jab must be an order from above. What we need to know is what the nurse did when she saw patient zero. did she write a report with recommendation? If she did what did the medical officer in charge do? unless you have such details you cannot blame the sweet gal holding an injection on one hand and a butt cheek on the other

if you fear death then you must worship the fucking doctors.
i hate them and hospitals.
they actually take lives.
hospitals is where people go to die.

Just to let you know, nurses are zombies themselves “no offense to any nurse around”. They just execute like robots. Dispensaries are not run by doctors but nurse in charge. Even in level 4 hospitals, nurses are in charge of vaccination and their administration.
I know you don’t know about cold chain and such stuff about vaccines just like the media. I also believe you know NH is in business just like you and they strategically know what is good for business and what is not.
Doctors are not gods but i believe they have a role between you and god. There are also doctors known as world authorities whom i also worship at their altars.

The thing is, medicine is never an exact science. A doctor never gives promises. The nurse probably did something wrong but no one can really point out the problem because of the many possibilities. The other thing is that police and many government officials have no idea what could be happening. And do we have official police/ doctors? I think we have one or a few who are overwhelmed.