kuuliza si ujinga.......tracking a number

There is this "innocent "looking lady friend who was in a serious financial mix who borrowed 250k from me and gave me a security which was more valuable the the cash,she re-payed 150k akabaki na 100+50 ya interest,when i saw as if she was doing well i gave her back the car coz alikuwa anauza wines and spirits in east lands,i thought that if i gave her the car she would be able to pay me back in an easy way than selling her goods thro hired pro-box,before she gave me the last bunch of my cash{150k}she got an “opening” in dubai where she was to be paid over 1.2M{she is a very good in I.T} i gave her a go ahead to sell the car and for sure she gave 20k nakakule lunch after she left kenya we continued to chat na a +971 number.
i don’t know where the rain started beating me ,coz before i realized she went back to her +254 number ,when i asked her how she told me that ni bundles za kenya zilikuwa zimebaki anatumia …am starting to think ananikulia vako…is there any possibility that she is back in kenya???
{i}how can i know???
{ii}is it possible to track her??

kindly help

Install yesware kwa gmail, tell her you want her to read a new agreement about repayment. Tuma email, akifungua utapewa location.


You were conned.take it like a man and move on

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kindly elaborate

she could be telling the truth…maybe she is on roaming.

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As @Supu don said,she could be using her Kenyan phone in Dubai and although i don`t know how much credit she had on her phone,Roaming is very expensive so she should run out of credit (bundles) pretty soon.

Huyo alikupiga chenga, rusha hio namba yake nikutafutie huyo pink handler chapchap


That thing looks very intrusive on privacy. Im surprised google allow this as an extension. I wouldnt want some app reporting my location without my permission.

Iyo story inasound ni kaa umepakwa rangi kwa macho boss like @junkie said

Lending 250 k? Man that’s a lot of money to give out even if a person is a friend or relative.

Even people in US nowadays call Kenya using an Airtel number +254. I don’t know how they do it

Calling cards used…

watu flani wa dubai wakikam kenya wanatumianga bundles za saf

Call the number. The ring is different if outside 254


hop its not this “new friend”

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So aliuza gari na hakulipa???
No sane person will use Safaricom roaming outside east africa.

Thanks to your hekaya… I have just found a new way of monitoring my gmail account.


hehehehehe ati hekaya

nooooo hon eunice is such a good friend…the one in at the middle[ATTACH=full]6363[/ATTACH]