kuuliza si ujinga,....cattle rustling

when i was a young man i used to take our cow or sometimes cows to a cattle dip in a distance of a kilometer or so,the distance of that 1km was pure stress,chasing the cows and sometimes bulls for a distance,in most occasions i used to swear never to repeat the exercise again,think of wonder vs a turkana who steals over 100 cows,bulls and goats and runs away with them for 20 or more kilometers at night,how do they do it???how do they control them,do they lead them of follow them???just a thought

You must have been a very poor herds boy, cows, goats and sheep also have the alpha males/females in the group. Once you identify it and get it leading, the others will just follow.


Mlio wa risasi inafanyaga hizo ng’ombe zipige foleni na kuchomoka nduki. Kila moja inakaba mwenzake kama mahabusu na kuchukua mikia juu such that in ten minutes zinakuwa far

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…and its not one rustler but hundreds of them.

They cant control all of them…zingine hutoroka halafu zinapost ujinga Ktalk.


kwani wewe ni psychologist wa ng’ombe…sikujua kuna alpha/betta charafters in animals

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Kwani kuna moja ilikututha no wonder unaziingilia

wacha tu nicheke. My day is made…

maze mna ujinga

What a start to the week…if only I laugh out loudly in the office. Mamayangu,matusi si matusi


kwani kuna alpha kwa Ngombe???how do they identify it within minutes,at night and what language do they use to command them???

You see what i mean? Ndio hii ingine imetoroka ikapost hapa juu.:cool:

I doff my imaginary hat to you b’ana. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Boss… forgive these young boys.

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nimecheka naokotwa kw drum.

its very simple…you simply Chase the cows while wearing a lion skin. The smell of a lion chases them away while another rustler is running ahead of the herd wearing a cow skin and the follow to escape from the “lion”

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Hehehehe. That’s below the mbeolt.