Kutoa lock ya POTUS

Walevi wenzangu kwanini naskia kupuke when I drink whiskey? Sasa ni vice kapsaa.

Embassy kings joh!

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why do they sign on the label? isiibiwe ama?:smiley:

Jogomon my friend… Ndiyo usikuje na yako kutoka nje… NO FOOD FROM OUTSIDE ALLOWED!

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I think so that guys don’t sneak in with their own liquor. Hiyo Viceroy quarter utauziwa 500bob kwa club but ukibuy kwa liquor shop is 350 or thereabout, sometimes prices can be nearly double like Cellar Cask is 1200bob yet its 600bob kwani liqour shop.

why is it that hizi chupa za half ama quater hua zinawekwa zimelala kwa meza, mbona haziwekwi upright?


Hazikuwangi stable…they might fall!

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Umevaa creed?


they sign so that staff dont bring and sell theirs…!!

Kama kawa my guy!

you can never go wrong with this


To minimise your chances of knocking it off when you get tipsy

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so that the waiter doesn’t run his own business within the business or a client coming with drinks from outside

Embassy Kings ndio shida try Lights

@Ice_Cube Shida tu ni mlevi akipuliza mate ndani ya mtungi!

The euphoria of Whiskey in Kenya right now is just a passing cloud. Jameson imechochwa sana same as ciroc, ilikuja na ikaenda hivyo hivyo.

The time I started smoking that brand most probably you had not felt the warmth of a woman.

Coomer wewe, I won’t talk about that.

Si huyo mtu anasign anaeza leta zake kutoka nje na apige deal na bartender na mawaiter

yup that must be the manager. But a smart owner employs a snitchy waiter either rela or pay them something on top