Kusota aki...

Woiyee…the mzee amenyenyekea akiomba, he can’t even shout as usual. Hadi anaomba Uhuru to resign as president.



He maybe a birrionea many times over lakini you cannot challenge the resources atvyhe disposal of a sitting Head of State ata uwe nani. How I wish Samoei would have his way.

problem he only believes in putting other people’s money on the line…

psssst…an intern i had between april and july told me she is not resuming school until after 17 October so that she votes for baba first. she would rather lose half a semester of her studies. i just shook my head.


Iza man jakuon is disrupting your intern slices [ATTACH]124819[/ATTACH]
[SIZE=1]don be sad kuta kauka atijelea moss moss


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Babuon has assured her that she won’t die!
In any case, missing a semester for Babuon is ecstatic!

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she must have been from kalonzo’s backyard with that kind of reasoning.

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Homa bay county