Kusalimiana na mkubwa

Leo nimekuwa crystal massage parlor mansion house. Middle of the rungu washing event I hear feet rushing in the corridor and some commanding voice telling the girls to get inside their room. I ask Fiona who was busy riding me what the matter was and she jumped down to peep outside, she then returns and tells me it was a certain big shot entering the parlor for servicing. She quickly jumps back on top of me to continue riding but two minutes into action and the receptionist comes knocking. Fiona jumps down again goes to the door and they whisper with the receptionist. She comes back to tell me that the high value client has insisted on her servicing and the manager has requested that I release her then she will send another girl to finish the job, I reluctantly agreed upon which another slender girl was delivered. She finished me well but I could imagine how I have shared Fiona with a high flying guy whom I was later told is an ex-governor.

How much less of a man did you feel?


Should we send our congratulations or what is it?

I have, on occasion, taken a dump in the Parliamentary toilets but do I say

Hii ndio story unafikiria ukitoka narok ukienda kisii

Photo evidence or it didn’t happen

Hehe, sina maoni

:D:D Chairman

Hapa si unajidharau sana na unatoka huko self esteem ikiwa low sana.

yaani mfereji inafungwa ukikunywa maji cha lazima na huna say.tafuteni pesa wasee

Like I said earlier today, a bonobo pithecus especially a njaruo only lives for two things on this earth : to eat ugali and to fornicate.

That is the only thing a njaruo thinks about. Ugali and pussy. Nothing else between the ears.





Jaba imelipuka

Maze si kwa ubaya but maisha ya bottom feeders ni beyond tragedy. So not only do you visit dingy brothels but the diseased hoe you’ve paid for can be taken and be given to another man any time. And you somehow have the guts to share that degrading experience online.

Vitu zingine zinataka maombi…

Just pathetic…from now on make sure you squat/sit to pee.

Waah.Wee ni loser.

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Gift bado ako site…ile yellow yellow pumpum…ni kakojozi sana

unaishi io maisha kwa raha zako ama ni kurogwa umerogwa?

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Co asks

He doesn’t think he just got mistreated and disrespected, he thinks it’s his place of honour to give way to “mkubwa”. Despite whatever one may think of that kind of service, his rights were denied:D He should have demanded a discount, or a bonus.