You might always think that the police are useless until waanze kukutafuta !!![COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)][SIZE=7]LETENI HEKAYA!!![/SIZE]

Nkt…wadau msipost chochote. This thread will inciriminate a lot of you no matter how small.

:smiley: Na vyenye pamba types n Kimeru boys lurk on this forum. Jaribu kwingine kasee, kijiji sio ya mambleina

Sijawai elewa why first I should hide from the police unless it’s politically motivated and someone wants to do away with me. Any other thing I’ll avail myself to the DCI for statement before I go to a police station. These are our brothers and sisters and you all know how we operate on this part of the Sahara.

Sisi sio wahalifu


Je wale wanatafutwa na interpol wakae wapi?

Tadpoles hizooo

Sio lazima iwe ya ukweli. @MachaaWaHadithi angusha hekaya.

I once went to town bila mask and heard that police are arresting people without masks. I hurriedly entered one of the town public toilets until the coast was clear.

NV D- hamnanga time ya kusoma vitabu za psychology?

Anza na yako hekaya

Siku flani Enigma was just minding his bizz hapa ktalk,akaona talker mmoja amepost akasema Kapoti will be in the ktalk streets fishing for best forums to post murder videos.Nilimngoja kwa ile street connecting forum ya sex and relationships to politics.When she saw the Enigma,she shouted ENIGMAAAA,what are you doing here?I told her,been hunting you down,you will no longer disrespect the Enigma again.She started trembling and asked the Enigma,what are you planning to do,please dont kill me,i have a big ass,please dont kill me.
The Enigma told kapoti,if you value your life,you better shut the fuak upp and allow Enigma to put your big ass to good use!!kapoti responded by nodding up and down very fast almost breaking her neck.The enigma carried kapoti to a deserted lane,the one that takes you to the puzzles section where no talker goes and placed kapoti down in an alley.He turned her over to a bendover position,lifted a skirt up and slid her panties down before spitting a mouthful of saliva on her butthole.The enigma removed the anaconda and shoved it inside the butthole as Kapoti was gasping for breathe while whispering ‘slowly enigma,dont kill me’.Enigma thrusted and poured heavily inside the butthole.He took out his handkerchief and wiped the anaconda then gave the handkerchief to kapoti to clean her ass.
The enigma ran away faster than usain bolt leaving kapoti struggling to wear her oversized mothers union.She later went to the cops and reported.However the cops told her it is an allegation because no cctv captured Enigma in the act of drilling kapotis butt.Ghafla bin huu,the enigma receives an email from ktalk OCS,‘We do not allow such vile acts of bum drilling innocent women in the streets of our site,come to the station and write a statement.We also want to take your dna evidence to confirm if you raped kapoti in the butt’.
The Enigma replied to the ktalk OCS saying ‘First of all,@TrumanCapote the resident feminist is not innocent.Second of all,the Enigma is not coming to any station and is not writing any statement.Catch the Enigma if you have the balls’.
The Enigma has seen the cops trying to nail him using IP address but Enigma ni mjanja,IP address zake zina change randomly per data session.These cops will never nail the enigma.


Ktalk OCS realized he could not track down @anon46421834 via the conventional methods, he sat in his office pondering his current predicament. As much as he loathed capanty liner he was horrified at the image of capanty’s ordeal…her orifice looked like the half of a mangled avocado without the seed…he grabbed his dustbin and threw up his supper.

He wished his army intelligence friend @imei2012 was around to aide him but last he heard the man was nursing wounds after running into a pilsner drinking brown skin ninja. He wrote down a get well soon card and said a silent prayer for the pummeled officers.

He then placed a call to local business community head @ChifuMbitika , unfortunately only the cousin was available as the business mogul was nursing a particularly nasty hang down from drinking a single guinness.

He paced around in his office and was rudely disturbed when his officers dragged in a foul smelling wretch, he stormed out of his office and wasn’t in the least bit surprised to find @johntez addi gaza msafi high on shoe glue.

He got into his car and for the umpteenth time swore to pass by @Karoga yard for an upgrade, preferably a BMW he thought as he waited for his Nissan tiida to heat up.

His caller ID rang and he was surprised to see KWFT’s own @uwesmake calling him, he picked up and they chatted for a while…but as much as he tried to inquire about the enigma the gilbeys guru was interested in the new batch of police women. He promised he would call him back and drove off in the general direction of the hospital.

When he got to the ward he found @Violete pacing the floor looking for kmtc nurses to pimp, he wondered again and not for the first time why she looked so similar to @Juan. He finally found Capote wrapped up like a mummy (thank God) with the Padre @Liberty praying for her to get well, he joined the prayer and later on collected samples from the lab.

He was too distracted to remember that his friend @Genos had received a work offer abroad (Japan), this would require a drive to the airport…

Kumbe mnaweza andika composition?

Ungefanya Tu yeye drilling Kwa ikusde

Ee bwana deepstate, apana achilia resident kidnapper alalie talanta

Nimefanya drilling kwa Sim B ndio niudhi huyu D minus mwenye ana fish for hekaya za kushika watu

Ktalk ni mental asylum akianani:D:D:D:D:D