That moment you are relaxing and you receive some sweet news that your enemy (Adui) has been involved in a road accident and he is in critical condition…and so u are like,c akufe aki :slight_smile:


Nigger. . Your one cold blooded son of a bitch!..

that’s cold


Shidwe!!! Kapsa!!

im that Nigger who cant wait to see my enemy servive and live forever

not funny

Many wish he was standing closer to the fire :D:D:D



no comment

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He heeee nkt!

Heh, mboss… you’re colder than a penguin’s butthole :eek::eek::eek: Wouldn’t wish you on my worst enemy



Ata kama ni ku kosa wanking material bana…

asipokufa utajinyonga?

‘Servive’ engrich is your true enemy


Ukikua na old bacteria ni kumaanisha uko na kisonono?

You can’t just post something like this and not give us an explanation.
Tupatie hekaya vile huyo jama alikamua bibi yako mkia


kuna jamaa alinirusha 250k, I can’t tell what state I’ll be in nikiskia alikuwa kwa accident

Damn…is that money you were gonna make ama its money you had and then lost it?