Dr Nsekuye Bizimana, a Rwandan sex expert working in Germany, has made a study of the Kunyaza technique.

The basic principle is simple and has been passed on by word of mouth in central African countries for at least 150 years. The man takes hold of his penisand uses the head to tap the woman’s clitoris, labiaand vaginal opening.

He can move the rhythmic tapping around the vulva in circular or zigzagging movements. The tapping can be varied with rubbing, also using the tip of the penis.

It’s important that there’s plenty of lubrication from the start, otherwise the tapping can be too sensitive – a little saliva works wonders.

If after a while the man’s wrist gets tired, the woman can get hold of his penis and take over. And women also sometimes help out by holding open their labia to intensify the sensation.

In a more advanced version of kunyaza, the man puts his penis inside the woman’s vagina, again takes hold of it, and then moves it from side to side or round and round to stimulate the vagina on the inside. He can vary this with more conventional in-and-out thrusting.

In what Dr Bizimana describes as the “classical” kunyaza position, the man sits down and the woman sits in his lap facing him. But he says “less sportive” people might prefer easier “modern” positions, for example with the woman lying on her back and the man kneeling between her legs.

All this penis tapping and wiggling is supposed to have wondrous effects on women. For one thing it’s said to trigger orgasm after orgasm. But kunyaza’s main reputation is that it produces female ejaculation – it makes women squirt.

The name kunyaza actually means ‘to urinate’. However, it’s not urine that women squirt from their vaginas, but lashings of milky vaginal fluid.

In fact, kunyaza is also known simply as ‘wet sex’. And much as they love it, Rwandan men apparently have a none-too-flattering nickname for women who are prone to lavish squirting: shami ryıikivu, meaning ‘put a bucket under her’.

If you’re wondering whether Kunyaza is worth a try, sex researcher Sylvia Tamale says one Ugandan sexuality teacher gave it the following glowing review:

‘‘I myself was truly ignorant about female ejaculation until I met my current lover. If your lover knows what he is doing, you’ll pour rivers and experience multiple orgasms at the same time.’’


Can I Kunyaza you @spax ?


You may like where kunyaza come from. Once upon a time, Rwanda was ruled by a King and a Queen.They use to have severe punishment to their subject to deter any wrong doing, to the point that they own life of their citizen and could kill anyone who they see fit. One day, the King was away on battlefield and the Queen was bored at the palace. She got horny one day and she called upon one of her servant to come to the palace. As the servant rushed to the palace, he feared that he may face a death penalty as he did not know why he was being summoned . Once he arrived, the Queen asked him to come inside, then to the bedroom, where he has never set foot before. Fear and fright was getting him at the point all his body was shaking. The Queen ask him to remove his clothes, and she remove hers and ask him to have a sex with her. As he was shaking and don’t know what will happened next, he had to obey, as disobedience could get him in more trouble, even a death punishment. So when he tries to penetrate the Queen, of course his penis was not erect, he failed, and the Queen keep asking him to fuck her. He tries to hold he penis so he penetrate her, but because of shaking he was rubbing his penis on Queens,s vagina. It turn out to be the best fuck the Queen have had so far, as she splash out the liquid of ejaculation. First she thought it was urine, but didn’t smell. But she felt so relieved and happy and she rewarded him with 20 cows(a cow was a measure of wealth and strong friendship in Rwandan culture) So the news spread all over the country that everyman started to rub his penis on women’s labia, thus kunyaza become official culture in Rwanda

its called kachabali…and its origins are Uganda


In Rwanda, there is a story that everyone has heard so many time. The story of dog drinking water. So, what is it? Because of in the rural area of Rwanda, housing is one big bedroom made of clay and grass on roof. So when parent want to have sex, they usually had it early in the morning after waking up older children and sending them to get water from the river(no running water inside house) leaving the little one asleep. However, sometimes the little one (3yo)
may be awake when parent start to have sex, and kunyara too. So the little kid call her Dad and say “Daddy ,daddy there is a dog drinking water inside the house” Dad reply, it is ok go back to sleep. Guess what? When you practice kunyara the sound of the penis rubbing the opening of the vagina and the liquid splashing out , it sound exactly like a dog drinking water. So today when Rwandan hear a dog drinking water they all laugh and foreigners will never know why they laugh. So if you are doing kunyara and the sound is like a dog drinking water, you know that you have mastered the kunyara technic

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Just say the day and I shall be at your service :stuck_out_tongue:

kunyaza,katerero,kachabari all means the same

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There are Ugandan tribes that share common ancestry with Banyarwanda. So, their cultural practices are similar though they might call the practice different names based on their languages. Kachabali is what Banyankole call it.

Its called gúitúkwo in greek.



seree wacha tufundishwo

That’s a very informative piece… Though there are some ladies who will never ever reach that point.

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do you have a munyankole?

I had one when I schooled in UG but now am married to a Kenyan.

Can someone please try this then atupe report later

i did kunyaza on my lady and up to now she cant stop talking about it. the sheets were soaked and she says its the loveliest love making she has ever experienced in her life(Oliver)
I don’t know if it’s kunyaza, but the man (burundi) I’ve been dating for the past year, makes me experience the multiple orgasms over and over again. The sheets are dripping wet! The term river is correct…I always wondered what the secret is, this is it!!!(Jane
i tried to have sex with a virgin but i could not penetrate her i nown apply kunyata and she has a sguirting organs(davy)
it’s a wonderful fuck technique that leaves behind histories to tell.I did kunyeza to one of my friends lover which made her to forget that it was not me and told my wife how wonderful am in bed.This made us to break our relationship.(peter)

Is this a shemale alert villagers

Grammer cop kujeni hapa jameni.

@madova There’s no need for them to come because those are quotes from concerned patients giving back their feedback.
Grammar cops wakifika watakula makofi, i swear!!!

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