Kunja kama chapati! (pics)

Practice makes perfect for those into this sort of things. Ukishafunga kwa bedstand, and stuff mouth with that red ball, you can eat as you wish. [ATTACH=full]326862[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326863[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]326864[/ATTACH]

Wueehh , Bro …
Here , you are on a slippery slope … :D:p



Safi, atoe viatu kwanza

Curtain raiser ghaseer

Huyo lazima awe shemale… anakaa Kama Atwoli.

unafanya hio kazi yote ili umwage within 2 minutes. hahaa

Iyo kink ni art form.

Where is the fun in tying up someone kama gunia ya viazi? Handcuffing or bedpost tying,yes. This one is straight up torture

Akilia rape, utakataa?:smiley:

You guys should check into Mathare mental hospital for a thorough mental checkup

this white sh*t isn’t fun unless youi have issues… why would you want to treat mtu hivi kwa mechi , why would a ghel in thaqt position excite a sane man…yenyewe some kenyan bonobos are white washed…hii ni form ya serial killers banae…