I have become a fan of Murderous affair, an insightful crime & investigation doc on Netflix…and it potrays the unpredictable nature of kungurus

Very often a woman will have an affair with a married man and after things get steamy, the side piece demands for exclusivity. So this prompts the man to plot on how he will get rid of the wife.

Many a times, when the man is holding a high position in society i.e pastor, politician, etc divorce is not an option due to his public image and so he plots and executes the murder of his wife.

Afande wa huko huchangamkia izo kesi like nonsense so in no time the perpetrator is brought to trial. Now here is the intriguing part…the same kunguru who was compelling the guy to get rid of, even sometimes to directly kill the wife, stands trial against the man…anapeana ushahidi safi vile the guy had ploted the murder na ata vile alimwambia. All this when she was a conspirator behind the curtains…kama bet ingeenda poa things would have been different.

Akili ya kunguru kuelewa inataka insight . This corresponds closely with M33 secrets redpill truth: a woman can never love you for who you are but only loves you for how you make her feel.

Saa zile romance ilikua imechacha alikua ‘anapenda’ msito based on how she felt about him. But msito akiwa pale kwa murder case trial, greatly due ro her doing, her view changes like a chameleon…anaona msito akiwa a looser na msito is unable to stir her feelings. Women are some of the best opportunists ouchea.

Izi vitu zingekua huku pia ni vile zetu ni ma come we stay na sheria imelegea upande wa alimony.

Thanks elder for your words of wisdom

Mzae rushia mimi ka church girl ka 18-24yrs niskie msuri pia

I asked him for through pass but he was not keen on it, I am afraid @boy wa Rongai needs to be investigated to assert his claims

Maybe the guy should have been secretly recording (kama Mike Sonko) ndio kunguru ikiruka, aionyeshe recordings…

Si instance moja, ni vitu zina happen majuu on a daily. Good point but no one really sees it coming…unless kama ni story ya once bitten twice shy

It’s not really as easy as you guys think. Girls within that age bracket, at least the ones I deal with, trust and loves a person. It will be a tall order for them to throw themselves at anybody anyhowly however the returns


Mine was what I can call snowball effect…first contact led to another and it grew exponentially when I landed on one of their closed social groups grant those girls a little male attention and that is it…for church ghels is very very simple…dress up show up in church and pick contacts …works smoothly for me all the time

Why would you kill your wife of 10+ years over some kunguru who is getting screwed left, right and centre by @Agwambo and @Chiefguest ??

Wajinga ni wengi bana

Heshimu Enigma ghassia.Enigma ako na IQ ya 120,sio kama wewe uko na IQ ya 6.2 kama odds za Arsenal.

How true is that m33 redpill chieth

out of 7 billion humans from Kimilili to Kathamandu to Siberia to Sanfrancisco to beijing to villa las estrellas to melbourne to helmand to brasilia how many of this killing schemes are successful, considering women ni wale wale in all those places

No one can know how many are successful…one can only speculate. But the unsuccessful ones are the ones in the public domain.

Nikupe through pass ya singo matha wa 19 years?

Irushe kwa inbox chief

Nipee shifoo