So a friend of mine has been suspecting his wife of cheating for a while, she has been overly rudely offlate and doesn’t show any kind of respect.the nigger decided to bug her phone. This is what he got last week


The guy is a boss to her wife.he is also into politics.

Iko wapi


Your friend = you…

Sema tu ni wewe.

Sio Mimi tall

Ata huyu alitombewa bibi na hasumbui…[ATTACH=full]326667[/ATTACH]

What are you saying? How was the money sent?

Sorry…the person sending the money is the employer of the kunguru wife

they don’t last kwanza kama anakupenda coz of your job. ni kama michelin tyres. burn them out and replace them kaka

The only way to prevent a kunguru from cheating is to avoid marrying a kunguru in the first place. Secondly, don’t ever marry an extremely hot woman. A plain Jane is the name of the game. Extremely hot women are for short term affairs only. If you think you’ll marry a Natalie Tewa look alike and expect loyalty as everyone with a dick including governors and senators salivate over her, good luck with that.

Huyu ndio nani sasa?

Mpesa limit ni 300k msee.

Ata Plain Jane bado anaweza kukubetray. Kunguru sijui shida yao iko wapi?

Marry a modern woman and be prepared to kuliwa bibi

How do you expect a woman who has gotten used to that high life of partying, exchanging patners like clothes, even having orgies at bashes, having sponsors and getting used to the variety of d*cks in colle/campus

abadilike tu mara moja akuwe a loyal, humble wife for even just five years.

There’s a thinking that ‘dem ashaparty anataku settle sasa’. Don’t be surprised if the wife says that:


Mtalipa mahari lakini mtatombewa mababibi na kulea watoto si wenu:D:D

True. A man should not lower his standards because of fear of cheating. What he should do is improve himself and have an abundance mentality.

KUNGURU HAFUGIKI ~ Elders wa Kenyatalk


@Azor Ahai tumemtombea khupipi na halii sana siku izi


Damn, leta hekaya Bazu