I think dating an above average woman is nothing but trouble. The other day nikiwa allsops, I spotted a somewhat cute girl. I said hi and one thing led to another. Before I knew it, I was fucking her daily and she now identifies as my girlfriend but I know better. She is 23 years old. The problem is, this youngling is a male magnet. On the last three occasions we have gone out to a club, as soon as I leave the table to take a leak, mafisi wanajaa kwa meza. The other day, some Nigerian attempted to get me drank to the point of blacking out so that he could steal her. I declined the free beer. Today, at a certain club, I went to take a leak only to find a nigga trying to give her his business card. She gave me that card as soon as I arrived and of course I threw it away. I think dating above average women or even taking them out is not worth the trouble. Some niggas even try to approach her in your presence especially when they are in a group for security reasons on their side. One thing I have learned is that a woman is 10 times more likely to get hit on if she is in the company of another male, than if she is alone. Men assume that the man has already vetted her and she therefore has a higher value. In that club, there were other hotter women seated alone and no fisi dared to talk to them. Guys, why do you prefer hitting on women in the company of men, than women who are alone or with other ladies?

Explain the statement ‘above average’
What is the average?

:D:D:D You made your bed,now lie in it!

There’s no problem here…fisis will always try and take a lions kill.
An “above average”(?) or “hot” chic will always court attention.

[SIZE=2](Also, always have options…)[/SIZE]

reta snap qwanja tumrate

I think these fisis were doing it out of pity for the girl. I can imagine them wondering how she ended up with someone like you?

You sound so insecure…For your sanity, just dump her. You clearly must be the type asking yourself…“How the fuck am I even dating this girl”

Balaa sana. The fellows also get a thrill from stealing her from you. In some cases your own friends steal and chew your woman because they get a thrill from it and also to show you that you are below them in the women game.

Take heart brother and enjoy the pleasure chambers whilr you still can.

chukua slices zako na utembeze kiatu pia sisi tuko foleni, meffi

It’s just your turn, chapa vitu uwachie wenzako

They were asking her, “where did your ugly aunty go?”


Hookers are easily identifiable to other men by their mannerisms. Unspoken words. The way they look at another man he can tell she’s a hooker.

kula na ndugu yako banaaa


Blondes will always be hit on, they are thought to be low maintenance, the other hot women seated alone in the club are the actual kungurus who can take to you to the cleaners anytime therefore “fire of basking from a far”.

Lol,A woman is not a mobile phone that she can be snatched and even ‘average’ women get hit on all the time,if she wants to leave let her go ajitembeze,if you know the game and an alpha you would not worry because a lot of women are replaceable, there are way better versions everywhere, Stop being a simp and get out and meet more women

Alpha ni alfayo ama ?

That is the problem of learning english in Ebusikhale primary school

I am not worried about her. I am just surprised that men prefer hitting on women who have company, than those without.

Very sissy like umeffi question.