Kunguru Red flags

What are the biggest red flags you notice to know that she is a big ho! or is on the road to becoming one?

Wanting grammar

Crayons on the face .

Anafungua Guinness na meno.

:Dama na chupa ingine.

Call her on Friday night at 1.30 AM.

She never sleeps in lodges but takes you to the one she prefers

Asks for money to make her hair before meet up or on your first meeting.

If she has a vagina and she is breathing.

This one definitely.Ama kama She doesn’t even chase a drink

Sasa I usually have a problem with this.
I have noticed like 95% will ask for money even in a relationship.Am beginning to wonder,Is it normal for a woman to just ask for money either indirectly or directly and are there women out there who don’t ask for money?

Yaani wote are a losing bet Bro?

Mmewazoesha, and they ask so casually in that annoying tone, adding a woiye here and there.
Never gone through it but seen it. Our women adorn with hijabs.

Come to think about it, I don’t think there is!

Anajuana na bouncers,DJ ama waiters.

Ako na tatoos/Piercings, on the phone kila time, anaishi pekee yake, ni Mkamba wa kina @vuja de

Anakuitisha pesa before you screw her that’s always a red flag

Thread closed!

if she’s too excited about everything and screams wooooooooo each time a new song comes on…

Tatoo , nose ring