Kunguru Kunyueria

I’m still in shock.

I was catching a lift with a friend. We agree to meet up at Hunters pale Kasarani.
Mimi kufika, napata jamaa ako panic. He’s like ingia gari twende. Mimi huyo, teketeke. We proceed to some apartment.

Dakika moja, some ladies wakatoka plot carrying an unconscious naked woman. Nikashtuka kwanza. Wtf is this!? Unajua shock ya kuona mtu uchi tena amebebaniwa! Nikashuka gari. This lady is naked naked. Her eyes are glassy.

Kuangalia hawa madem, nikajua ni kunguru. Huyu ako uchi amejaa tattoo anakaa exercise book.
Plot twist.
A naija guy walks out buckling his belt. "Wettin wahala be this! I told you people not to smoke cigarettes so much " Kumbe these guys really speak like that for real. It sounds abit unintelligent.

Kabla sijamaliza kushangaa, the naked one foams at the mouth and immediately akili ikaclick- Overdose.
Cigarette toka lini kapea mtu OD?

We decided to rush the lady to a big hospital juu clinic labda hawawezani . This police car stops us halfway wanataka kushika sisi juu ya reckless driving. Kuona msichana amefunikwa anakaa mahututi hapo nyuma, jamaa akatuwacha tu. Three guys at the front. Me looking like a peddler. Nyuma kuna wasichana watatu, mmoja ako nusu uchi povu mdomoni. What a sight we must have. Been.

At the hospital, I pull this woman from the vehicle. Nikamwekelea kwa trolly and in she disappeared. She left a little froth on my shirt.

She didn’t make it.

I’m wondering if I was the last thing she saw.

Rip to whomever you were. That was a most unfortunate death.

The naija guy escaped. The owner of the house where the party was, made a phonecall- drugs zitolewe kwake. Apparently zilikuwa chini ya carpet or something. One other lady escaped with the nigerian.

The late alikuwa mrembo kama kitu ingine. Only saw her a moment- and half the time she was frothing at the mouth- but you could tell, very beautiful. Matako kubwa. Sana. I wondered how such a creature could die so unceremoniously. Unakufa aje kwa house party?


So unfortunate


Lerionka…why did your friend take you there is the big Q? and why did you get involved mpaka you now have the DNA on you? Godaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.

Buckling his belt as in ametoka kutumia mjuols?

Pole na at the same time hongera kwa kusaidia

Ukiwa jela kamiti utakuwa unawank to that big buttock image.

There are things that could bring you lots of trouble… and this is one of them…

You’re a joker msee. Ushawai ona msamaria mwema amepeleka hit and run victim hospitali alafu anawekelewa makosa yote? Hapo mimi ningeji-excuse roho safi. Hayanihusu mie.

Pull down the thread

Pole sana.Ukiitwa kuenda kuandika statement usikubali.In case her family pursues justice and someone is charged with manslaughter or an inquest is opened to investigate the course of her death it will be long and messy in court.

i’m sure you are also the idiot who signed the admission form kwa hospitali. Wewe utekwa ndani ushtuke, njinga ghasia meffi wewe

Too many unanswered questions in this hekaya… one moment you are catching a lift …then you friend is in panic before you proceeded to some apartment …then a girl froths and dies…Wacha tungoje news ya jioni pale NTV.

That is the 6Million Naira question…
ION, his balls are about to feel the cold grips of a vise…
And he may experience this in King’ong’o…
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fake prose

Lerionka, you need to ask the Admin to help you delete this. Not good. You were set up. Do not underestimate the Ogas in NBO. They are fugitives on the run from other countries. Someone was asked to do the dirty work for a fee by the Oga. I hope I am wrong mazee…

Let me hope he is telling cobblers.

Hekaya iko na gaps nyingi sana

Ati polisi aliwaona kishwa akawa waacha…

Story of legends…