Kunguru Kufugika?? (Based on a Tru Story)

Having moved from the Magic City Nrb to the Lakeside, I had so much time in my hands and found myself going for swimming on weekends and sampling the Kisumu nightlife. So one fine Saturday night as I was at Signature Lounge, I got attracted to this fine chiq whose curvaceous body easily stood out among the many revellers. I proceeded to invite her for a drink right beside me on the Counter. As the convo proceeded is when I realized that this lass - let’s call her Dee, was a hooker. No worries, I was loaded and mainly needed the company since drinking alone can be boring at times so we started knowing each other.

Dee is a beautiful lady and I was eager to know what might’ve pushed her to this trade. I actually told her that it would be very easy for her to find a man who’s willing to marry her and she actually noded in agreement but further added that she doesn’t trust men following some past experiences.

Dee went ahead to narrate to me that she had been raised by a single mum as a result of their dad being a deadbeat. Their mum passed away when she was around 10 years old and her only siz was about 6 years. So being raised by aunts wasn’t the best experience for them. Life was hard and she was actually dropped out of school (form 1-2) when the funds became unavailable.

Having lacked role models, she was actually got entangled in a teenage affair and the result was a pregnancy and the good thing is that the guy took him as his wife. The guy was rich and managed to give her everything but the much needed attention and love and it reached a point where she started bringing other women at home and would also stay away from home for long periods. This is when one local clinical officer who knew her husband and his philandering ways advised her that if she continues in that marriage, she is surely not going to survive for long since HIV/AIDS is real. Heading this advice, Dee plotted an heist during one fine evening when she was trusted with depositing some several hundreds of thousands in the local bank, she never returned to that homestead.

Life moved on smoothly for her and she started Tailoring and embroidery business in Ksm which was successful and she could sustain herself until one fateful day when she got involved in an accident that claimed her son’s life and almost took her ability to walk, completely…

Why was it so hard for her to go back to her tailoring biz after the accident? I have seen tailors with paraplegia. I think she fed you a fake origin story.

Leta picha na ulipe gashui evening classes.

@Meria Mata ,wewe ndio ulianzisha series,ni sawa tu.

Kunguru hafugiki!

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Hehehe huyo alikupatia sympathy story ili umnunulie pombe ya bure.

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Weka hata kama ni picha za water hayacinth (na mtu asilete mambo ya sipellimg hapa)

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We needed fine details hope next episode itatii.
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mbona rusungu msuri alafu he na she sipige wewe chenga mbona mbona mbona

Kunguru amekupatia hook ukameza kama sacrament …sasa bado line na sinker.

Ksm ndio hub ya ukedu,nxt ni story za ARV utatuletea hapa. If you’ve heard the word celibacy,now is the tym2find out what it means n 2practice it.

I’ve been given several warnings, I’m extra careful around this area. Natafta bibi nioe.

They all have that sympathy story, which is mostly used on new customers who want to believe that prostitutes are just innocent girls caught in unfavorable circumstances.

Of course she is a tailor. Amekushonea story moja kali sana.