Kunguru ku reform continuation

Sorry guys for the misleading title of the hekaya being short. I was overwhelmed by the sweetness of the "pussy thus i didn’t know it will be this long. Also kuna time i wrote this hekaya phone ikazima before i could post.thus making it two. Imagine the frustration.
So after it became a norm that the soldier could be getting a little something, i was good to go. The days that followed i could eat the same lanye and only her. It came to a point that kuna time hata silipi. Another funny thing is that this mungikiress, she never drunk nor took any drugs… She told me she had a kid to feed back home. Enyewe shida can push someone to do things they never imagined… My game was on top she used to tell me.

Fast forward this year, about two weeks ago nilikuwa naenda home. In front of me there were to ladies who were walking rather slow, they were enjoying some sweet gossip, so in my mind i was doing some mental calculations of how ningewapita , hapo mbele yetu there was a green grocer on my left. A very good looking lady or let’s say woman with a child on her back akatoka with a blue basin ikiwa na skuma na nyanya, akanisalimia mimi nikanyamaza coz i thought she was referring to the two ladies. The convo was like this
Lady: mambo
Lady:wewe, nasema wewe
Me:(very confused, i thought she was mistaken) mimi?
Lady:eeh, wewe hunikumbuki?
Me:(twisting my face, trying to remember)
She was smiling at that time and a bit shy
Lady:hukumbuki huko “hilton”?
That’s when it hit me, it was the lanye. She had really transformed, very decent dressing, nice mature hair style. But the smile was still the same.
Apparently she got married and living happily with her husband. Now a reformed person.
I felt like a king, my ego ilikuwa imeshiba, imetoa hadi kitambi.
I pity the man that married her. Mileage yenye iko hapo. Poor man. I’m tempted to ask her for a rematch, now that she’s someone’s wife. If we meet again.

NB: grammar nazis, flow, mteremko, hekayarists, teacher of English. Watu wa luwere kaeni kando
Ebrufication mnaeza niona kando

Itisha yeye rematch

Hiyo lazima… Siwezi aibisha kijiji

Wewe, nasema wewe! Kazi ni kujaza server za deorro na hekaya za mapoko usiku? Ebu lala aisee…

Kanaota sahizi… Mi hushuku yeye huota aki block watu ktalk :D:D:D:D:D

siku hizi ukitaka ku settle hata usiulize past ya manzi , mnaanza tu afresh.

Niliamini my fren, but ata kama ni wewe, you couldn’t have resisted to marry her… She’s damn beautiful

Usiharibu boma…ushakula nyama ukaskia utamu wake. Tafuta ingine!

Aiii!! Hapana. Hii aibu tumekubali. Wachana na bibi ya watu

@Deorro kuja mbio na usitumane jameni.

In Greek we say “rwamucoka niguo ruriaga mundu” a repeat is what will eat you:D. @pseudonym is that the correct translation ?

Wachana na bibi ya wenyewe. Let the past RIP.

Oh yeah. :D:D
How are you doing my dear?

Your deer is fine.:smiley:

so utarudia friendly?

story 2 za lanye lanye every time chiet meffi hauna anything to tell wana kijiji wewe ni dry spell inakusumbua na ma imagination 2

I understand, but sio kila siku a lanye calls you to remind of your escapeds, she must be really in need of a good mtree, maybe mzee anachezeanga hapo goal post… Who does that, wengi ata hawawezi taka kujulikana what they did in their past lives… This time it will be free, na mlango hutangogwa

Definitely… I shall revisit

“Kigwa gikoro gicokagia mureo gitina”… I don’t know if such a saying exists… That cougar is hot