Kunguru in hot water after sponsor kukufa

[SIZE=6]What you need to know:[/SIZE]
[li]The 30-year-old is accused of accessing tycoon PJ Dodhia Kumar’s TIMs/NTSA account and transferring ownership of the vehicle to herself without following due processes of succession.[/li][/ul]
Police in Kitale, Trans Nzoia County, have arrested a local socialite cum musician accused of stealing a Toyota Prado v8 from a deceased Asian tycoon said to have been her lover.

Sheila Wairimu, alias Shay Diva Africa, was arrested on Friday evening. The 30-year-old is accused of accessing tycoon PJ Dodhia Kumar’s TIMs/NTSA account and transferring ownership of the vehicle to herself without following due processes of succession.
The man died in April aged 61. His family launched a complaint with the police after learning that Ms Wairimu had taken the car, saying he only gave it to her on a “use and return basis” since they were in a relationship.
“After the owner of the vehicle died, she changed ownership within four days. The deceased’s wife authorised one of the relatives to make a report of any property owned by the deceased,” said Trans Nzoia DCI officer Francis Kihara.
[SIZE=6]NTSA records[/SIZE]
According to the record at the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) , the accused made a transfer of the log book by logging into the TIMs account at 11.45 pm on April 26, four days after the man died.
The authorisation of transfer was granted at 2pm the next day but there were no supporting documents from the owner.
Police officers tracked Ms Wairimu to Kitengela, where she stays, and towed the vehicles from her compound to Buruburu police station.
The vehicle was later towed to Kitale Police Station. It was when she tried to retrieve it from there that she was arrested.
“She initially made attempts through lawyers to block us from pursuing the matter but failed. She came on Friday in an attempt to recover the vehicle but we arrested her instead,” Mr Kihara told the Nation.

[SIZE=6]Court date[/SIZE]
In her defence, the musician said the vehicle was transferred to her without her knowledge and that she learned about this when she accessed her NTSA account.
She said she has never attempted to illegally transfer ownership of the vehicle.
Police said Ms Wairimu will remain at Kitale Police Station until Monday, when she will be arraigned.
She will be charged with stealing, obtaining property by false pretenses and meddling with a deceased person’s property.




Musito alikua anafanya nini na 30 year old hoes.

Doesn’t make sense.
For her to access the NTSA portal she must also have been able to access the one time passwords normally sent to the owner’s phone during transfers. Did she also steal his phone?

Insiders. Insiders watatumaliza.

She probably had access or was helped by corrupt NTSA employees

Wah. Hii NTSA itatumalisa. I have tried registering for smart drivers license but I cannot edit and update the information online. Nikipigia hao simu hawashiki.

A Prado doesn’t have a v8 engine. Goes to show how much the average Kenyan knows about cars.

Kumbe wahindi ndiyo wanakula Hawa madem. Lakini ataweza kuservice na kufuel gari?

Avoid Kikuyu women. Esp if you have money. Utakufa bure.

Damn, these sponsors! Even in grief the wife is still fighting with slay queens

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii nakuona unacheza chini tu.
Rusha thread moja ya grand pricks

Iko prado ya v8 engine, bro.

I can tell you from experience that many of these Indian tycoons usually have a “trusted African” who they use as a cat’s paw to do their shady business. You all know how Kenya works. There are places these rich Indians can’t go and things they can’t do so they use proxies. This person could be male or female, a lover or employee or friend, but they know all sorts of things about them. Including personal details like passwords and PINs.

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Wahindi, na wasomali hufyeka hawa madem sana.

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I will not.

Hehehe, ati wako busy? That sounds funny though true.