Kunguru Hafungiki

Back in 2005 I married my first wife Carol. She was Brown and curvy. Met her when she used to sell chips mwitu in Maji mazuri Kasarani. She was a hustler. In the morning she use to prepare mandazi and chapatti later in the evening prepared chips mwitu. I was her regular customer. That time I had just cleared campus and I was a mjengo guy. Carol had a coast accent. She also had a a 1 year old daughter. After some moths we decided to stay together in my place . Blessings started following me , I got a job at Nairobi water and started making goodmoney. It was all a dream. Good wife and a job. Carol now didn’t need to work she was a housewife. We moved to a one bedroomhouse in Sunton kasa. My neighbours told me that a butchery guy used to come to my house while I was at work . I thought guys were jealous of me because my wife was hot. I remember well it was on a Thursday June 2006 9AM , I got a call from one of my neighbor that the butcher was at my house. I excused myself from work and headed back to kasa. I arrived safely and went straight to my house . The door was locked. I knocked and Carol opened the door , she had a leso only . When i entered I found “kama” abutcher naked on my bed . I took a panga which I kept under my bed … Kama ran outside naked. I chased kama from Sunton Kasarani to Thika road. Luckily I didn’t hurt anyone.

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