kunguru hafugiki

Don’t joke with life
Sometimes life can be peculiar to its petty. Imagine you date with someone over four years in campus until she becomes an automatic wife, later on product of the relationship a kid, the parents become fierce for their daughter I’m sentenced to pay the remaining fees, I hustle to the maximum as A Civil engineer , I respect my wife knowing that she means everything to me. And I expected the same from her. It’s only last month I discovered she has been dating one of my best friend in a club River-road Nairobi , the guy went to ANN’S parents claiming the kid is his, we are forced for a DNA and He is right, oh No I’ve be raising someone’s kid for 3 good years , my mum thought she has a grandchild,
I’m stressed but I peaceful walk away but I’m totally confused, so an agent of darkness was against my success but in Jesus Name I will have a beautiful family one day, I will not kill anybody or cut off the relationship but it will be part of my life memories, Skills of life that are never thought in lecture halls, women please

Hakuna hata mbicha ya wig ya kunguru, banaa

The only thing I thought you ought to do or think of, is getting your refund for the fees you were forced to pay by the parents.
The rest is a dust yourself off situation and man up…

You sound kinda retarded.

Iza msee. I learnt that being a loyal man/husband is the most thankless job on earth. Miaka tatu sio mingi sana. I wasted 8.

@sperminator got sperminated

A village elder who joined Ktalk on Jan 2016 still went ahead and paid fees for a kunguru? Anyway pole mblo…

Women love turmoil and hate boring men that’s all.

Huwezi kusema hivo kisha usiifollow up na hekaya wewe ni elder wa aina gani?

Huyu ni troll.

i stopped here…sounds fictitious.River road? siungesema hata muchatha basi

Thank God he has shown you the light early enough. You were walking on a slippery path, just start again and pray to God for directions. Consult widely, avoid alcohol and places where they sell it.

Move on and remember God is watching over you !


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If indeed this is true i know someone who is also civil alikua analipia kunguru school fees… but io part ya mwisho ya mtoi siwake sija confirm… jina yako inaanza na p?

Hii kijiji imenifunza sana. Mtoi akizaliwa heri nipart na 20k DNA ifanywe. This hoes ain’t loyal, no matter how good you are.

You are stupid. We have been giving lots of advice here on this platform and warning about things like paying fees for kungurus but you thought were babbling!? Kula ujeuri wako!

I gave a good friend goods on credit from my shop unfortunately pesa imechelewa but anyway wanaume nikusaidiana atalipa tu. …Sasa leo morning tumerudishiana maneno na wife before church akaniambia…" The problem with me, is that im too trusting, labda hata hii mimba sii yako na utalea tu!!!." She said that kama anacheka but it really got me thinking. This week watoto wote DNA, hapana tambua ujinga…

Hahahaha! That was too careless of her!