Kuna watu watalia kwa choo

If you factored the monthly business expenses, this is not practical.

Jana nlikua industrial area police station na hii wagon ilikua imeshikwa uko. Sasa ma workmate wa @pamba walikua wanaulizana iyo [COLOR=rgb(250, 197, 28)]DOPE food ndio gani :cool:


There was an old combi with a hot grill and shawarma pale opposite bacchus jamaa used to grill some awesome burgers for walevi inc. Made a killing then he vamoosed dont know what happened to Him.

wewe huendesha Subaru Forrester ama WRX?

Forrester ni @Ice_Cube yangu ni the car infront is always…

… a passo

Ngamia tulia

Here goes you again … ni kii urenda, khasia

This truck got business when the Westlands market ili bomolewa.Once the new market is done itabidi aende somewher else.

Price wise not good but the concept isn’t bad

3500 daily haha that translates to 105,000 monthly!!! woi

Some thick house wife will convince his loaded husband to get it for her. After losses za 1.5m waanze kublame kanju na economy na climate change