Kuna watu hapa, wacha Tu.

Ati hawataki kucomment Kwa thread ya wengine . Ata kama topic iko covered earlier they prefer starting their own thread. Kweli si kweli…

Mickey Mouse and Dindu Nuffin


feelings za nini mzee?

Observation Tu msee

Poa mzee

This prob has a name in blogollogy, nimesahau. It irritates the hell out of some of us. And the MoDs don’t merge the threads either.

Kila saa kabla meria akue na fudhi

but at times unapata mtu ame block half of the Kijiji so mtu haoni nini mwingine amepost.
pia wengine wameblock moja wa hao wenye wamepost, so post kwao ni moja tu iko.

kuna siku pia nili weka thread similar ni ya mwingine, nikidirect mwenye amecomment kwa original post aka sema haja ona hiyo juu ameblock huyo poster. so ilibidi thread ibaki.

In which case the MoDs should merge the threads.

agree, but won’t those blocked/have blocked not see the post/thread?

When we block we block the handles. I can be on a thread and notice the responses are not joining up as I see it from my end coz I have blocked the posters, it took me a while to figure this out because I would respond and someone tells me I was addressing so and so kikikiki. Similarly, they can start a fresh thread and unless someone tags me to it I won’t see the entire thread. And even if you tag me, I will only see their handle and not the body/text unless someone copies and pastes it.

wasn’t sure how the block function works.

but maybe to the mods/admin/site owners, the more the threads the better, and the more the responses the better.
so too bad to site users. the multiple threads are here to stay

Yes. That is for sure like prep for 1 million threads on Trump and Biden.:smiley:


quite unfortunate