Kuna Kenya Mbili Na Kuna Nairobi Mbili Pia

For expatriates Nairobi & entire Kenya ni Paradise.

For Kenyan Peasants it is Hellhole

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I am not the richest but I am not the poorest either. Hio ya hellhole ni a bit too far unless you are really really poor.


Nairobi iko chonjo Wadau…

Nice sunny warm climate…
Cool Breeze (especially hapa Keren)
Flat topography
Bustling and hustling kwa wingi
Variety of lifestyles.
Entertainment kwa wingi
Beautiful Ngeos


the big boys must have people to do the essential but nasty jobs they dont want to do
symbiosis at its peak
every population has these polarities which cannot exist without each other
try your best to be among the big boys

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Hio Nairobi wanaongeleanga ni gani juu Mimi Niko archives na hakuna kitu ya kujivunia hapa


Westie 5th Floor ya Dusit D2 and environs.

Pia Laikipia ni Europe of sorts


Hii debate tulimaliza kitambo. Meffi

There’s Nairobi A, B and C.

Nairobi A: Karen, Muthaiga, Kyuna, Spring Valley, Lower Kabete

Nairobi A.5: Westlands, Riverside, Lavington

Nairobi B: Kileleshwa, Kilimani, Kahawa Sukari, South C etc

Nairobi C: Nyingi wote

Nairobi A and A.5 don’t go 20 KM out of their respective areas.

Nunua 2 bedroom Westlands for 16M uvuke border.

Ng’ondi ici!

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You are going to equate Kileleshwa and South C? All that foot traffic in South C is a no.


You must not have grown up in Nai. Sasa you see it as the city in the sun. The place has gone downhill. Ati entertainment? What do you have in your books except for drinking joints.


Yeah that comparison is by Mpasho. Looks like the cities the author dreams of visiting before he dies. That list doesn’t even make sense. Ati Kansas. Who has ever chosen Kansas as a place he would like to visit over London? How many people can even point to Kansas in a map?

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Still nothing special about A and B

Kenya A, B, C, D are determined by income because people spend money differently based on their interests and priorities.

Kenya A:- Above Ksh 1M per month net (Politicians, top bureucrats, business moguls, tenderpreneurs, etc)
Kenya B:- 500k - 1M net (specialists e.g airline captains, surgeons, computer scientists/top programmers, top lawyers, etc)
Kenya C:- 250k-500k (businesspeople usually with 5-20 employees, professionals like professors, doctors, lawyers, some lecturers etc)
Kenya D:- Most people (99% of Kenyans) are here. Anyone earning less than 250k per month net income/salary.

Enda YouTube and see the number of Americans coming to stay in kenya these are guys with remote jobs or living off pension of about 6 thousand dallaz a month… rent at 1000usd gives them amenities they dont even have for that amount in the us… eating out is cheap… spending 50 dollars in a high end restaurant and that is three courses meal… yaani kenya is heaven for them.

Earning US or EU salaries and spending in Kenya or any other nation where $1 = 100 + Local currency will automatically make you live like a King

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Kenyans in the US coming back to Kenya saying it is better than the US.

Yenyewe uko right.
Mimi nililelewa pale Kangocho.
Nimekuja Nairobi nikiwa @Mzima

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