Kumbe ni Mikojo


But it doesn’t taste pee …it is somewhat sugary

Okay why do you taste pee to know how it tasted you fugin weirdo

Focus, pee is salty, that one is sugary

WTF!!! :meffi::meffi:

Squirt is pee, how many different ways will people lie to themselves, and why the fcccck are so many men in this thread tasting womens piss???

He sucks cocks for a living


umetomba mnono mwenzako ako na diabetess

That cold quickly drying substance is pee?. Damn. What does female orgasm look like then.


Tafuta huyu mkambodia


It comes from their pee hole


Goats orgasm too Mahmud?

Kuna ka 20 yr old me hukakojoza. From Muranga kanaitwa Stephie anakaa hapo Kasa na siz yake. I think kamekula cabbage na waru mob. Katamu sana though