Kumbe Mko huku?

Habari zenyu nyote? Happy to see many former Klisters in here. Ni hayo tu kwa sasa. Let me go through all the interesting threads first.

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Kuna entrance exam jamaa

Ati exam? OK. wacha ikuje

Who is the known/self declared male handle that belongs to a lady?

At Kenyanlist?

wapi hii exam, nani harakisha

Who was the oldest member in klost? (Guka wa klist)

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aaah @Brayoo i remember you very well. Welcome bro!

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It must be Couchpotato the fossil, followed closely by Mabenda4.

Thank you! Great feeling to here.
I remember you too Black Templar. You once complained that Youtube had been blocked in your office. Is it still the case?

Hehe I have since moved on!

@[SIZE=4]Brayoo:[/SIZE] je, ni nani ako in charge of exams hapa ktalk? (3 min)

sasa ntajuaje?

who was Boniface in the klist hekayas?

The handle is here in kTalk. As you read older posts you will get it.
2. What do the acronyms HOYA stand for. Share an example.

Old Monk? how can you forget me? sob sob. Hamna shida.

I recall a Boniface in K/list, lakini kaa alikuwa a Mulithandler lazima ikuwe ni Ka-wambui or Uncle uwesmake.


Will go through it.
2) according to threads I have gone through so far, I think HOYA stands for hekaya or story of giants as in K/list.

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‘d’ is silent. sindio