Kumaliza ufusadi

1.We need very punitive laws to act as a deterrent…
2.Establish courts specifically to prosecute corruption cases, hii Mambo ya delays haileti shangwe cases are dragging far to long… that ofcause comes with providing adequate manpower and resources.
3.Tengeneza jela for people convicted of corruption somewhere very hostile like chalbi desert na wasiweke air conditioning warushwe huko
4.Recover all their property gotten through their dirty deals iuzwe to recover lost public resources.


Corruption ain’t going anywhere.

Vile ume ulizwa na hiyo bukusu hapo juu…

Corruption revolves around money and opaqueness. When for example you are seeking a business licence in the county but the process, fees and regulations are not clearly spelt out. We should have laws compeling govt organisations to clearly display all fees payable, how and to whom including online. Same with police stations and fines especially traffic fines

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Ufusadi ndio gani hii?

I will comment after I know ‘ufusadi’ ni nini.

hehe y’all on my case, hmm hiyo ni present tense ya ufisadi… perfect example, when your keyboard screws you I type ufusadi badala ya ufisadi… then that is corruption…

On no. 1, the laws are already in place.