Kulemewa karura

I have been jogging in Karura for a while and i was getting comfortable with all the tracks i choose for training.I always do 9-10km in 1h 5min thereby.Today I woke up and was at the place by 6:30am did some warm up in preparation for the 10kms i was intending to do.
In the first 1KM I thought the body was still adjusting but alas,6km later the body is still stiff,I had to take a shortcut to get to the parking faster.The last bit was an ascent which i concur so easily on,leo nimetembea kumaliza hako kamlima.I dont take alcohol,I had not taken anything I would say affected my body,I was in high spirit but the body refused.Fellow villagers,joggers and trainers if any around.Is it normal to feel this way?

can’t relate, we used to walk to Mhindi’s place 20km away back n forth evening, morning n lunch time and we still felt as if that was our training


How frequent do you run?

You must be very fit, I jog once in a while but I only manage to do 5 km

I suspect you are overtraining and what you feel are the effects of fatigue. You need to get adequate rest.


Cool story bro

Try other exercises. …
Ama uende hapo githogoro utaptap glass mbili ya cham , mwili ijamstart


Fatigue bro.


Yaahh it could be fatigue,i was last there on Thursday evening,i stretched myself to finish 10km within an hour

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I do it 3 times a week and on Friday i go to the gym for stretching and the likes

Hope u did not over sex, did u over feed last night, most probably its fatigue but if u say you are a regular, if you feel this going on you may fall sick soon, Mostly its during exercise that u may experience the fast symptoms of body not functioning well, during your stretch time feel your joints if they are normal

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I think 10kms thrice a week is a lot for your body. The body doesn’t get enough time to completely recover from that hard work. Try mixing your exercise routine pia isiwe running pekee.

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That bit on sickness is very true.

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I am guessin hukukula food with enough energy reserves. If you went running at 6:30 surely your breakfast had not been assimilated into the body if you took it at all. Make an energy drink before you go out jogging give yourself a few minutes or one hour then go and run.

wah i thought jogging is for the movies or worse still discplined forces

With vigorous exercise, there will be days when your body fatigues and refuses to respond. Are you running on flat zone or inclines. If it inclines uphill , these really work your body. Trick is to eat high carb/ sugar like 45 min before the run.

Actually I had not taken any breakfast

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Fuel your body first. Throw some bananas and other high energy fruits into a blender and mix. I can promise you there will be a massive difference.

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Na njugu.

That’s the way to go.if your goal is to burn fat then always do cardio on an empty stomach.i do cardio twice a week in the morning and the results are quite good. My body fat continues to reduce with each passing week.i can see veins in body parts i didn’t think was possible.
Kwanza huyo fala anakuambia utumie carbs is a meffi.if you need an energy source then use a protein shake