Kukatia Woman in One Sentence

In the full Fractionation technique, you make a woman go through a series of emotional ups and downs to make her feel emotionally connected to you. This is similar to highly addictive soap operas where women are made to laugh and cry through a series of storylines.

Inside the One Sentence Fractionation, you embed both the positive and negative traits of the woman you want to attract into one sentence. You set it up by expressing your approval (or, the positive trait) of a woman’s presumed weakness or negative quality.
Here are some examples to show you what I mean.
“I am fascinated by your bad manners.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“I am charmed by your lack of common sense.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“I am mesmerized by your severe lack of tact.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“I am enthralled by your mind-numbingly boring stories.”[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]“I like you despite your lack of compassion for other human beings.”[/SIZE]

Use these One Sentence Fractionation lines whenever you talk to a woman next time, and I guarantee that you will be pleasantly surprised at how fast she builds rapport with you.
Good luck!

Kurogwa ni real…


sijasoma hizo ufala

Total hogwash if you ask me. One liners are meant for a woman you want to bed for the night aka malaya. But if you want a real woman for keeps, you gorra shag her brain first. And real men know how to do this.


Hii term kukatia dem is confusing; in reality dem hujikatia mwenyewe kabla, na hata baada ya a totally senseless conversations. Conversation zingine eg even vile ulishikwa umono ukiwa form 1 can lead to sex, my friend. Unajua hata unaeza ingiza dem box bila kujua?

There we go again. Pliz accept that shaming is no longer working.

The crap you read ain’t always true.

The only sentence you need- “pesa ngapi, Niko na dough”

On point kabisa. Nail on the head. Women teaching men how to talk to a woman is like a cow teaching a bird how to lay eggs. Chieth.


Your feminazi shaming is showing

Shindwe wewe:D…kwani you did not know we women rate men? hunh? we do…there are those boys that stand out and one can zalia them but they are v few but kuna takataka wengine wengi …no shaming. I swear! broke, sexually depraved, chip on their shoulder… hiyo apana. Ati kukatia a girl they start off by emitting negative vibes about the same girl…then wanashida wakimfuata everywhere while still telling others they don’t fancy her…if you don’t fancy a girl why on God’s earth would you waste your time on her? laughable.

It is true. Face it. Convince her with your achievements, dreams, ambitions na atakuja with it on her head as they say.
In cendro it is called thuruari mutwe…we like to be nurtured so as soon as one moran shows up and can deliver we are gone…

“Real man”


“Real woman”



Borrow a leaf from Marcus Aurelius when he uttered, “Be free from most men’s pursuits, and seek to know why thou art.”

Are you insinuating that momos need no tact?

Absolutely true! #Micymas that is spot on maan.
Tell them that if they dont know how this stuff works, then they shouldnt come here to tell us how ignorant they are!
They should ask those who know and have mastered the psychology of women and the principles underlying the operations of the human mind, and they will be educated big time.
For those who are new to this emotional roaller coaster induction technique, kindly google Derek Rake (master seductionist). Now you know!

PUAs call it negging and it does work when you want to pick up a girl real quick. Think about it. An average woman gets showered with compliments all day long by thirsty men. She lives on a pedestal built by those thirsty cucks. Then here you come, you don’t compliment her, you actually point out her flaws, you call her out on bullshit, you don’t treat her like some special princess, you knock her off her pedestal, you intrigue her, you stand out from all the other ass-kissing men. And now you are in her head!