Kukatia/gaming women

Jana niliona an interesting thread ya flaking na ilikuwa na advice poa kama not to chase women etc. What advice would you give a rookie that yoi have you learned the hard way on gaming women ?

Mid term haijaisha?

  1. Don’t chase, attract. Instead of wasting time and resources chasing women, invest in yourself improvement so women are attracted to you.

  2. Don’t double text.

  3. Don’t put women on a pedestal.

  4. Don’t be a beta bitch who agrees to everything women say or do to you.

  5. Have some goddam self-respect and a sense of self-worth.

niaje DickofKumasville


esp number 1 and 5,
I learnt number 1 the hard way, the power of attraction…from that day on… i have 1 Mode of operation.
Use the least bare minimum effort to get a woman, no matter how hot she is…
Lines mingi and trying to be a nice guy does not pay…

The one with the least involvement has the higher power in the relationship.

Just be Handsome a 8,9/10 ladies will be chasing you lakini ukiwa chimpanzee na uko na gari iko na Cc kama ya nduthi you are fucked.

Wacha self employed brownskin earning 120k driving 2500cc akuje apeane advice

Handsome does not get you the poosy… power, money, confidence does.

Ghasia am telling you niko na first hand experience

That is yours but not necessarily that of the entire kijiji. Listen and listen good from other experienced ones not one ghasia like me. More ghasias will tell us. Ghasia Kaa Pale----->

Being a 9 kwanza workplace iko na Mayengs trust me kila bitch always be like I feel comfortable been around you that statement in JackPot

enough. nothing to add

Agree 100%

Let me tell you something young man, I have been around for not too long; I’m just 24 years for heaven’s sake but one thing I know is this: Women are attracted to money, power/influence and confidence. Everything else is just a plus. Ask those with money how many girls hit on them? Being JUST handsome with no money works while you are in highschool or college. Period!

SV just shove your ingenious/ unpopular ideas…No wonder i said be handsome na make sure usiwe na gari iko na cc ya nduthi

Sasawa his handsomeness!

Most likely this is a high school teenager on mid-term!