Kukataliwa na Paro

I have a friend who met a real beautiful lady with wife qualities zile za ushago sio za ujinga but ready to be serious in relationship. Paro wameleta noma ati yeye huenda church ya Sunday ya Kiuna na yeye ni SDA. Ananiuliza advice and am stuck. If it were you what would you do?

sasa nani SDA?


Wisdom at play. Let him choose wisely or else he will be writhing alone

Kuna shida gani msee wa sda kuenda church sunday ya kiuna?

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The boy ndio SDA na the lady ni Sunday church goers. Sina idea wanaitwa aje but ni JCC ya kiuna

SDAs are normally rigid…er…sorry, conservative like that and he will need a lot to convince them to accept the girlfriend. But kuna mahali inafika mtu anasema ni maisha yangu…


What the fuck is sunday ya kiuna?[ATTACH]124927[/ATTACH]


Pita na huyo dame beautiful with wife qualities

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Mwambie mmoja a convert waoane, akijiskia kurudi ni sawa zote ni kanisa

Wanaogopa boy akioa mtu huenda church sunday na kuna watu wanaoa wachawi na devil worshippers


You are the only one responsible for your life and nobody else. It’s you to chart your destiny and do what pertains to this

Si bibi akiolewa anafaa kwanza kuenda kanisa ya bwana?? Ama vindu vichenjanga??:confused:



But if she is the brainwashed Daddy/Mummy-calling sheep of JCC who hang onto the celebrity pastor couple’s every word and sneeze I too would also be wary.


WHAT? wait before i weigh in lets bring our woman values expert…

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Since when did parents dictate your love life. Hapo hata hakuna maswali. I am surprised that people still consult their parents about love affairs. His parents have zero say on the matter. Meanwhile anafaa akuwe anachukua slices in bulk kufanya road test, asikaidi mawaidha ya wazazi halafu apate mileage ni ya matatu mzee. :smiley:

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do people still go to worship Middle East gods?

Si I thought if the guy is a strict church adherent the girl automatically joins his church. but if thhe guy last went to church to attend a wedding the girl is free to continue going to her church.

what’s wrong with some parents?

HAHAHA!!! yOU’VE MADE MY DAY. Mimi ndio expert??? Let him marry SDA mwenzake unles he wants to be estranged from his fam, Sda take Sato manenos very seriously… Tht wont change. And the girl will be miserable in SDA after Charismatic churches. Let them go their separate ways,watu ni wengi wanatafuta spouses so why make huge compromises when you could find someone more similar to you.You shouldnt change your preferences for a spouse,this things are the reason they fell in love with you in the first place,once you lose yourself and your individuality its then you even lose appeal to your spouse whatever you loved when you’re single you should keep it up. Dont become a clone of your man. I used to go watch football with my partner but in time I started to realise ging along just for the sake is making me lose myself as in am not being true to myself and if you’re not true to yourself you cant be in love with yourself, and if you dont think you’re special ,atleast special enough to have your own interests and own loves and hobbies and quarks then you lose your individuality and you become an amphibian , which changes temperature depending on the environment. When you pretend to do stuff to please someone you’re doing a disservice to yourself and it’ll end up spoiling the relationship

The kiunas preach the gospel of prosperity and encourage the girls to look for well off people if they want to get married, maybe the parents fear that their son atapelekwa mbio