Kukamua mboch

My first milking session was at the age of 14, in some GEMA hamlet. I kamuad a girl named Cinta beryl Akinyi, my grandma’s mboch, she was 21 then. She was so hot, other miraa chewers in the village including students, Untrained Teachers, herds-boys,casual labourers and drunkards were eyeing her. Those silly men would bribe me with Ovacado and mangoes so as to deliver poorly scribbled messages to her, I never delivered any. Akinyi used to cook Ugali with her legs wide open using that fire that uses 3 stones to support the sufuria, I created a hole at a strategic place where I used to peep in with one eye so that I would see her things, she used to have black and yellow thongs, her thighs were carefully curved by gods, after seeing the site, I would hardly sleep, my machine gun would get very hard during the fantasies.
While coming from school one day, I saw a certain bricklayer (Fundi wa Matofali) caressing her in a maize plantation, I was so hurt to the point of confronting them. I told her I would report her to both my jûjû and ntagu, the fundi jumped on his bicycle and zoomed off at a supersonic speed. Priscilla begged me not to report, as she was saying, her hands were allover me, she suggested that we move deep into the plantation to talk, I was very erect, the smaller head was using 92% of its thinking capacity. I looked at her abnormally big stunning eyes as my hands were raising the skirt. I don’t remember what else happened but I remember groaning like a thirsty boran bull as she dug her long nails in my waist while saying ssssss… with pleasure! It was my first sex, thank God I was milking a well endowed jang’o. On a 26th October I saw Akinyi at Muthurwa market with four kids, I scampered for safety and entered any vehicle not knowing where it is headed to!
@mabenda4 ulete zile hekaya zako meen.


I bet the eldest was yuas. At 14 you had live bullets and no antivirus,so yeah,you are a fadda now to a 9yo kid:D

Elder kwani ulitukanwa huku kijiji? Tuangushie hekaya, it has been a while.


Seconded @mabenda4 aangushe hekaya bana

So Cinta ni short for Priscilla. Good to know

He owes us part 2 and 3 on becoming a grandfather.


Ni character development; literally.

Is she still hot? Ama ametwanga? How old is she now?

Ushapewa uhondo ati ako na 4 kids bado unauliza maswali za ujinga, even the OP can’t stand her sight

First lay was my sister’s mboch. Sweet thing. When we closed school nikaenda visit nikapata alishaenda and there was a new one. Had to cut my visit from one week to two days


Me too. Ilikuwa 2007. Such an awesome experience. I’ll never forget.

Mpaka I’m engaged to a woman who resembles her to the core.