Kukamua Instagram Model

I’ve always lived strictly by the saying “Never pay for pvssy” , but after reading many of your lanye sexcapades here, I was very tempted.
Lacking the confidence to walk to River Road , pick a lanye and kamua her in a dingy hotel, nikaamua the next possible alternative ni online.

So boom, nimedownload dating app flani (name withheld). Setup a convincing profile then started dming whoever I found attractive. I started with small talk kidogo and then I pop the question: “Hookup?”

I got all kinds of offers, everywhere from Ksh 1000 to exaggerated prices like KSh20000 (Its always the average girls setting unrealistic standards haha).

So anyway, i decide on this girl called “Vanessa”. Vanessa is literally a 10 /10 (Kwa pics atleast). Yaani Instagram model type of shit. Looks early 20s, very pretty face, tiny
little waist, big thicc thighs and a nice round butt. Basically the type of girl you’d never have a chance with in the real world.

So tukadiscuss bei, akasema she wants Ksh1500 per shot. Which is fair I guess. Considering how fine she was.

  • Nisiskie mtu akisema “HiYo nI BeI yA KumA 20 TeaRoOM” Shut the fVck Up. I know.

Tukaexchange contacts. I quickly ask her to send me more pics just to confirm si catfish and she obliges. Let me tell you Maina, this girl is all kinds of fine. At that time
ata sikuwa naamini i’m about to stick my meat in her. (Yes I’m a simp haha)

We set a date and place; Sunday afternoon at my place na akakubali. None of that “Nitumie fare nonesense”. I was honestly surprised at how hassle free escorts are.

So fast forward to Sunday afternoon, i get a call. Its her saying amefika.

I open the gate and meet her. She wearing a flowery dress with open shoes. The pictures are 100% accurate. This is probably the most attractive woman ashai fika kwa mancave haha. I’m not exaggerating when i say this girl is crazy sexy. I got instantly hard just imagining all the things i was going to do to her.

So boom, we are in the house. She’s seated kwa couch and I’m faking some small talk here and there, just distracting myself from how much i just want to lift that dress
and absolutely destroy that pvssy.

I offer her a drink just to set the mood akakataa saying: “No babe, lets just start, unajua nikona client mwingine at 5pm.”

I’m taken aback. Hiyo statement ilinipata off-guard, but anyway I tried to ignore it.

I go sit right next to her and lean in for a kiss. I know some of you mtaniuliza why the fvck I was trying to kiss a hooker, when she probably had a dick in her mouth
prior to coming over. Bro, ata mimi sijui, I was just really horny.

So anyway, I go in for a kiss and she stops me.
She says says, “Apana. Pay first, si unajua vile nyinyi wanaume hukuwa sometimes”. Whatever that means.

I had almost forgot that she was an escort before that smh. I was too horny to argue anyway, so i mpesad her the money na tukaendelea.

We were kissing really passionately hapo kwa couch. I admit she’s really good at her job (Or good at faking it at least). I then led her to the bed and pulled her dress
over her head and quickly pulled her panties down, revealing her neatly shaved pvssy.

Hakuna time ya foreplay or anything. Mimi i just put on my red GoK condom and slid in. She let out a slight moan.
As soon as i started moving in and out , akaanza some of the worst fake moans nishaisikia. I think she just wanted me to cum, aende zake.

I told her to get on top and she did. Everything felt so mechanical with even more fake moans. Ironic how i’m getting the worst seks of my life from the most attractive
woman I’ve ever been with.

So anyway, soon as i was finished, the Post Nut Clarity that hit me was HEAVY. Sijui what i hated more, the bad sex or the fact that I paid for it.
I didn’t even care to initiate round 2. Nilimwambia aishie tu straight up.

That’s the first and last time I’m ever fvcking a prostitute.

Pole kiongos. We live and we learn.

Triple bag

it’s always a hit and miss with these daughters of eve, sometimes you get good ones proactive in bed and some after post nut clarity you start regretting your actions. on the pic, I posted recently about my escapades that chick was the one I settled for after fucking a dead fish in bed for like 15 mins. That day my experience was similar to yours and I was turned off till I got the other chick.

honestly huyo alikuwa life saver alinitoa off state na massage after ku relax na kupumzika nikapandishwa nyege na body to body massage baadaye nikamdishi.

usiwai taka kuexperience dead fish heri unyonge

@administrator pin this thread tumekosa hekaya kama hizi since 2018

I agree with you elder heri unyonge

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Asante sana kijana. Pewa likes. This is very refreshing. Tumezoea kusomanga vitu fake hapa and every fool who has a dick think they are an alpha. But wewe umekua very real, and for that, you have my respect. @administrator canya venye @Mwanaume Pochi amesema na upandishe uyu kijana cheo.

Tulikombolewa kitambo sisi…karibu sana pande hii ya free puthi battalion!

Bana tumechoka na post za @TrumanCapote na @rexxumbwa

No wiser word can be said.

Ungeingia HKM

The reason nakatia madem nakula, I don’t like logs in my bed then nalipa, expense ya dem umekatia akajipa na mmekubaliana T&Cs inajilipa kwa kitanda. Hii ni heri unyonge.

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:D:D:D The mother of all PNCs

welcome to the club

We all know that feeling is the worst, but it goes away

Hapa ndio ungerudi back to your senses Mdau.
Pia mimi nimeshawahi pata experience worse than yours. 5 yrs back, friend introduced me to a premium “lanye website” . HuKo lanye charges start from 5k to 50k depending on services you want. The website was different from others because they used REAL PICTURES with no filters. One day I decided to kamua one Bbw light skin one, we agreed she was to host me pale Kiambu road thindigua for a massage and kukamua (7k 1hrs). Mbiombio kufika she used the same words as your lanye "babe please hope hutakaa sana nikona na client Denis Pritt anangoja " She kissed me and lead me to her bedroom which was dark , nikamshow a washe bulb cause it was dark. Akaanza ooh the switch has a problem nika suggest we do it Kwa sitting room. Massage was good and the BJ was even better. CD mpangoni and off with mechi, to my surprise kumbe lanye ilikua inanyesha , that’s why alikua anadai we fuck Kwa giza. Mood ilishuka , nikalipa na kupotea.

Pole sana elder…mm pia nilijoin ktalk after @Kidinyi hekaya were featured by mpasho nikaclick link ikanileta Hadi huku at the age of 19…as a good Christian nilikuwa nimesema siezi kula malaya lakini after reading a few hekaya in the next 3 years temptation zikanilemea…hio siku uhuru alifunga chuo juu ya corona…jioni ,nikajipeleka Hadi sabina joy kushuhudia pia mm experiences za elder…

Uzuri ya ktalk wanakupeanga the inside view and description of the place kutoka hapo nje nikaingia nikapatana na soja hapo kwa entrance akanifanyia check alafu nikapanda stairs Hadi juu…kufika nikaenda straight kwa urinals while throwing my eyes everywhere ndio nijue nitakula gani…of course kama kawaida kuna wenye wajaribu kunishika nikipita lakini I shrugged them off…

So niko kwa urinals nimeshikwa na anxiety naangalia nyuma nikitetemeka na kusweat kama fala juu nilikuwa najua ngombe imejileta kichijioni…ndio nikarealize zii I can’t do this am still young and naive…nikienda kuongelesha lanye lazima nitastammer so nikajitoa…

After nimesoma more hekayas here about how you guys eat fish smelling and bloody kuumas there huwa nashukuru sana things ender the way they did that night

Paka hali panya amekufa, anawinda, anacheza naye kisha kumla. Tongozeni