Kukalia Chapati

Already some people have plans za kukalia chapati this weekend. You know its end month and most guys have been paid.
Swali yangu Ni what science is associated with kukalia chapati such that you zero graze or tether a man?
Or is just a psychology belief?
Ladies tuchanueni

I think its just a saying meaning “pussy whipped” there may be no physical sitting on the chapati


it was a belief from the coastal people that if a lady sits on a hot chapati before serving it to a man, the man becomes submissive to the lady who sat on it. Just like ile ya kumwangilia shonde jivu moto. If you pour hot ashes on somebody’s shit, there was a popular belief the owner of the shit will start feeling the heat on his ass.

Maybe Kamba listes can shed light on this…I heard that if u marry a kao lady and she wants you to come home after work, when it reaches 5Pm (assume thats the time you chuck from work) then she takes
“mwiko” steps out of the door and uses it to point towards the direction of your work place…then she beckons u and u will be home without knowing it…And we thought remote controls were invented by the Mzungu.



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This is hilarious :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


ha haa. but like 99% of kambas have visited a mganga for one reason or another

Actually most of these so called sophisticated chics visit witch doctors.

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Hahaha…remote controlled

Very true…even the learnt and famous

he hee and all politicians even the ‘saved ones’