Kujeni Mskize

Women will overlook a broke 20 year old mans finances if he has ambition.

However, women do not have patience for a broke 50 year old, regardless of his ambitions or plans.

You must spend your youth chasing money. They will chase you later.

No exceptions.

Why chase them mia tano kuma unapata bila struggle

Women like to be lied to. Thats why wife of a company director ata pitwa na makanga

Thereby putting Company boss in a spot of bother, alphahood notwithstanding. Mwisho wa story ni ule ule.

Women don’t love males, they love the ambition, purpose, males have. If you lack those, then she will fall in love with your money

spoken like 5 wise men from the east…

Don’t chase after women. Just avoid them if you can.