Kudos to Boniface Mwangi!

I donated a small amount to this chap’s campaign via mpesa. His team just called me to express their appreciation for this support. I felt that was a great gesture on his part (given that I hardly get any thanks from relas and other hangers on who think it is their right receive handouts from me!). Kudos to the man for trying to do things right.


Io NGOMBE pia ilichoma kura yangu, meffi yeye

13th parlament hopefully atakuwa ndani.

[FONT=Courier New]I cant see a sworn affidavit plus audio to support your claim thereof, please be advised accordingly that this is a mere unsubstantiated allegation, and hence not admissible. Next[/FONT]


ur original handle pris mr. philanthropist:D:D:D

Huyu jamaa even went around removing campaign posters after the election. stand-up guy if u ask me.