kudos ktalk,you are better off than twitter

i came across something that i did not know…YOU CANNOT EDIT A TWEET!!!..i pledge my loyalty to ktalk…yaani i can edit my post as many times as i want,this clearly shows that we are ahead of twitter

pun itended

The worst thing about twitter is that your tweet will still be seen even if you delete it especially by someone who using the official app.

Highlight where there is the pun tafasarry

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Na hii pan ni ya kufry mayai?

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I agree. Twitter is also full of wannabes. I forgot my twitter password and have never bothered to recover it.

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lol @wonderful wonder I just poured one out for you breh. Kim Kardashian is stuntin’ on niccurs outchea! Oh well, at least Twitter is working on it because SHE asked them to. Also, at least you just learnt (from Kimmy K no less :D:D:D) that Twitter has an issue which isn’t common among other social platforms.

Jesus will fix it :D:D:D:D:D

I have not understand you…but i have never been on twitter!


:D:D:D:D:D I see you don’t follow western entertainment gossip news.

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“I have not understand you” ??:oops:


@The.Black.Templar Its been on very many news sites since yesterday


ile siku nitpost kitu na msinitusi…i will buy a guiness

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Finally I can use this meme

@jaro Soja here goes



Niccurs be always making fun of others and pointing out little stuff mtu akikosea osungu. It’s a ferking foreign language. If it was a mzungu making grammatical swahili mistakes, some of you would be smiling at the mzungu and nodding foolishly hoping wataachiwa tip. It’s hard enough to be multi lingual…arghhhh


Gerarahia meen! thats the only tweng i can do.

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what means stuntin’?

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I am sorry guys, my mistake, @Nefertities I meant…I have not understanded you, but thanks for the link its now clear!

oooh, thanks dear for defending me…blushing

Do me a favor pliz…

[QUOTE=“The.Black.Templar, post: 109046, member: 153”]
oooh,[SIZE=6] thanks dear[/SIZE] for defending me…blushing
i thought you are dudes…nani mwanamke kati yenu???[/QUOTE]