Kuchunishwa sukuma na chinaman

Going through some of the highlighted contract clauses of the loan from China, it becomes clear this is a slave contract no Wonder they don’t want the contract to be public to avoid outrage From the west.
The Chinaman ako busy kuchunisha sukuma African countries and other developing economies to fulfill their one road one belt initiative…one of clauses says that’s even if Kenya gets money From other sources to repay the loans, China has a right to decline the payment…:eek: go through the article to get the picture. There are some very scary clauses there that makes me think someone had to be paid reeeeee…aly well to pimp Kenya out.
No one with a sane mind will sign such a contract unless they were bribed. So sad.

Njaruo tunakula nyama mnameza mate.

Raira your God will never be president.
You’re an enemy of development questioning our president. You have no respect. Your community is poor and we are rich.

An effective parliament would make the contract public but these ferks are super selfish and egocentric.

Weka hiyo contract hapa tujisomee.

China has done nothing wrong. When you loan people money, you loan on your terms, not their terms. What did you expect?

Apparently there are a number of key people who were against the terms of the contract but after sometime they came to support the terms([SIZE=2]most probably after receiving bribes).[/SIZE]

From the said DNA article, if below is true we are fucked up with the current set of leadership:

Mr James Shikwati, who runs an African think tank on public policy, says China’s deals with a country depend on how the leaders present themselves on the negotiation table. He blames Kenya’s ‘tenderpreneur’ culture by the elites for the bad deal.
The Inter Region Economic Network founder said China invests in the US and Europe and the contracts they enter into are fairer, a concept he refers to as ‘water taking the shape of the bottle’.
In other words, the Chinese simply play along the way the hosts allow.
“It is time we start changing our political elite ecosystem where people only care about their cut in the deal and it doesn’t matter whether it is viable or how expensive it is,” Mr Shikwati told the Sunday Nation.

Weka hapa hata kama ni screenshot pia sisi tuone. La sivyo, uende ukajitie