kuchoka nayo

Ive noticed this from friends who are married and even those who have beautiful women for girlfriends…utapata jamaa amechoka na hiyo coomer kabisa saa zile mafisi wanaitamani.mbona wanaume huchoka na coomer.?

hiyo hata mimi sielewi it just creeps in

Si kuchoka…ni kuzoea. And anyway, everyone knows it doesnt matter how pretty the woman is, there are things she will do or say that will make you not want to be with or inside her.


Man is neva contended …just lik competitors are

K is constant!


Man never gets satisfied, it is like when you desire an iphone and after getting it unaboeka nayo unatafuta another fancy phone

also take a look in nature, in most animal territories ranging from lions to chicken there is usually a solitary male that services all the females in a particular territory but of course we are not animals… so I hear

Kila siku siyo ugali na skuma as my mate JG once told me.
Polygamy is a God given ordinance and the fact that there are more women than men is the surest sign that Nature intends for the male of the species to sow his seed in as many females as possible. All the other animals are doing it…

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There are some animals that practise monogamy although not in the purest sense. The human case is debatable although i think humans are polygamists with a capability of monogamy.

The truth is that the most beautiful women are the most shitty in all other departments. The ultra beautiful are also demanding while they give little other than their beauty. They also have got the worst temperament. On the other hand, average women could be bad or most often overate themselves and behave like the ultra beautiful ones, or could by chance also be companions worth having(people you miss when they are away for a singe day). The chance of find a person who has the right balance so that you would never want to lose them is very slim.

It takes a combination of balanced natural temperament, the right learned attitudes, certain level of intelligence, right upbringing(nurture), right looks(what you like: face beauty,or slim, or momo, or hips, or titties), to make a good woman. And thats rare so there very few of them, and they are coupled with niggas you wouldnt expect could afford such.

Nobody likes or misses bad looking ones.


Not necesarily true :D:D nyte

Monogamy is a Capitalist ideology that was not practised and Never worked in any culture or religion before the Western Industrialization.
Tafakari hayo…

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Oookey…What exactly isnt necessarily true?

Hapo umeongea vi-swafi sana kaa spec op’s wa hiyo mambo…

Monogamy cannot work even in the socalled ‘first world’ nations. I guess that’s why most marriages there end up in separation/divorce. It’s getting to a point where men are only looking for women to help them perpetuate their genes without any long term commitments.

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Most beautiful women have nothing else to show for beyond their looks, most are empty heads. A man at times likes a woman who can challenge him in other areas, in business or otherwise. But when you get a dumb ass who just sits there expecting you to do everything for her just coz she’s beautiful, you’ll find yourself leaving her there and tapping the mboch with broad shoulders from Western.


This life is simple! Just decide what you want & do it. If you decide you’re tired of wifey by all means go fuck elsewhere…good thing is there men who are happy with what they have…sio lazima upayukepayuke(sp)!

Nyinyi men nashangaa na Nyinyi sana …hata marriage vows mean nothing to you…and now even being a beautiful wife ni shida pia?, you can’t even make a commitment to your wife let alone girlfriend? Ni tamaa tu hamtaki kuona skirt ikipita mbele yenu Lazima mtamani…But when a woman does the same mnaanza you cry like little bitches…I wonder what values you will pass to your sons…please how many of you have heard of the Man enough sessions by Pastor Mbuvi…I will do a post about it sometime

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And remember this women your are trash talking are your mothers, sisters , cousins…one day some man who youngin’ who reads this here will treat your daughter the same way