Kubadilisha viti za probox

Wadau, I bought this old shape probox for my mokoro kupeleka yeye errands hapa na pale ocha.
Shida ni the seats are very uncomfortable compared to allion/premio especially long distance nyanza-nairobi.
Is there a way I can change them with more comfortable ones. Hata mimi nikiendesha I really find it difficult to drive. Inachosha on long haul trips

Wale wasee wa written off cars have plenty of Toyota car seats from various models. You can find undamaged parts there at good prices

Just buy a comfortable car. Probox is a delivery van and will feel light, bumpy, etc When empty. The seats on the car are a joke, but the whole system is uncomfortable.

Jaribu hawa,unaeza modify kiti yako to your liking[ATTACH=full]342832[/ATTACH]

Nimeisha yangu yote.


Probox+ comfort = Syntax Error …Try a Passat estate .

Fit the car with seat covers that have a thick cushion material on the inside

Eastern bypass wale wasee wa kuchop magari. Unaeza pata ile backseat ya Probox “F Extra”. Will fit very well

Ahsante sana Mutheu. Kama hungekuwa Bibi ya mkubwa ningeingia inbox…