Standard Group will launch a 24 hour news channel (KTN2) tonight. I watched the intro yesterday and started wondering what will happen to news on KTN1. Is this not duplication of effort/roles?
I would have wished to see a channel like what KTN used to be: great comedies, series, sport and movies.(my opinion)


Job creation my friend, job creation.!

24 what? aiiih i cant watch news for that long … lemme continue an akina cnn na al jazeera

A strategy to move from signet onto ADN.

Will it be free? Am on startimes decoder

Kaa startimes inashika ADN…then you will be able to watch it.

Kwasababu huko cnn na aljezeera unaona soap opera? #blondecomment

You know there is a contention regarding paytv channels showing the ADN channels, right? Wanaanza kuwacharge, and that explains the recent move by GoTV to have an annual FTA subscription of 1800.

Its nothing but exploiting the poor masses.

kwa nini ulipie tv? smfh

By the way yesterday Multichoice called me the other day and asked me why i am not paying for subscription. I told them that that I have ‘upgraded’
“To which package? to dstv?” she inquired. ‘No…I want to upgrade to FTA’ I said.
She hung up!:smiley:


If it will be politics and their useless political interviews/panels, then waone wenyewe.


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I guess there is a lot to be covered in human interest stories even away from the news…a news segment is only at most 1 hour long combining politics,sports,business, local news, world news, bulletins, satire, documentaries…with coming of the counties there is a whole lot of stuff that doesn’t make it in the regular programming schedule let alone news…i guess they borrowed a leaf from the vernacular channels like KASS, Pwani etc who have a lot of content

Eeeh, aren’t those two 24-hour news channels?


I think it’s going live at 8 pm. FTA. Will try to search it to see how fast it will reach the whole country.

@meria me hulipa dstv cz its my lifestyle vitu za.bure hapana taka

cnn na al jazeera ni music channels?

Ni newsporn:D

I watched and both KTN channels were carrying the same content. So, what’s the difference or at what point will they separate the content they carry between the 2 of them.