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JUJA MP Francis Munyua Waititu aka Wakapee has been accused by a former employee of firing her because she resisted his sexual advances.Susan Wambui who worked at the Juja CDF offices was fired through a text message.The following are some of the text messages she has shared that were sent to her by Wakapee:

  1. ‘’ Ulikataa nikule hizo vitu na vile nazimezea mate. Now i am employing another person on your behalf. Hii dunia kila kitu ni nipe nikupe. Ken will give you the other details on how to to clear from the office. Goodbye’’ sent on 23/10/2014

  2. ‘‘I can see even you are supporting Kabogo’s brother on that nonsense he posted on Kalimoni group. I thought of paying you through CDF because I removed you from PSC through anger even CDF you will not get. Nowadays it is unipe nikupe my friend.Dont think Kangethe will take you anywhere. Try and see’’ sent on 31/10/2014

  3. ‘’ The worst mistake can be if you are used by Kabogo fanatics to spoil my name. All secrets from my office should be left there or else you will regret’’

She replied
‘’ I like that sir, As you can see I have not replied to your messages since the first one. I would rather be jobless than leave my husband and be a mistress. You own Juja but you don’t own Kenya. The same God who made you an MP without sleeping with anyone is the same God who will bless me. Do me a favor and leave me alone. Employ the ones who will sleep with you all you want mimi apana. And on Facebook I have the right to comment to whomever i want’’

Her contract was for five years but was terminated through a SMS. On inquiring from the Parliamentary Service Commission on the procedure of terminating an employment contract, she was advised that PSC has no procedure. She is now seeking for justice.

Your advice?

Huyo jamaa si ni fisi, kama ameolewa anafaa kuheshimu bibi ya wenyewe.SMS is proper evidence, kwanza akimbie kwa zile gender and women rights organisations.

Kufukuza watu kazi juu ya kunyimwa ni hatia

Kweli the thirst is real

Makosa yako wazi. Sexual harassment na terminating a contract without proper grounds.

alafu wakifa tuanze kuwasifu

In Kenya most politicians are scum.

ALL politicians are scum not just in kenya.

i agree with IDS 100%

Apee fisi haki yake awache kelele.

for fucks’ sake what is shocking here? who daent like sex? the lady is on point though!