KTalkers; Tujuane tafathali:Former KList handle,Umri,Shule na Kazi yako

Age (to the nearest 5)
KList handle-Required Field
Shule- High School only and year completed
Kazi- Your current occupation and /or what you aspire to be in the future

Feel free to engage in guessing other KTalkers Backgrounds and how old you think they are
I go first;
Dagoretti High school `95
Truck Driver and aspiring Occupational Therapist

I think that @Luther12 is a Lab.Technician and that @uwesmake and @This is Gold are Kamiti prisoners with internet access thanks to their good behaviour.

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senior driver kabuda

Name = @Elin
Age = 50+ years
School = Gumbaru High school.
Occupation = Saloonist and member of all kilimani mums facebook groups and Vuta stul nikupe udaku.
Klist handle = Lilo. Which I deactivated and become a spectator from the sidelines after my innocent maiden post disappeared… EDIT: googled my former Klist handle and I have just realised Google has never forgotten me (pic evidence below)


learn how to spell kijana

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@Ka-Buda ulimaliza high school na 20 years, you must have been one thick nigga.



The Atheist was spot on.

Kawambui. 35
Kangui secondary. 97
Broker of Everything.
Aspiring movie star.

I think @mabenda4 is called Wambugu.

hehehehe. in all honesty, my real name is Mabenda. just a letter or two interchangeg

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Mid twenties.

Shule - Hapa Nairobi.

Occupation - IT biashara na mengine.

I suspect @uwesmake is a government employee, a bit high in rank. Or a senior accountant or lawyer. @Luther12 is a nurse, @couchpotato was definitely a writer with the standard, @madova and @jugumadiani were the same person or worked very close together, half of @Ka-Buda’s stories are lies. He may even have shares in ktalk.

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Di Ticha - 25yrs at Heart but i’m 65
Ole Nugu High School. - 1980
Part time Thief and professional mourner
Aspire to be a priest and a Pilot

Mid 30s
Private School in Nai
IT, land broker, video-gamer


What have I misspelt? Rudi shule octopus wewe

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so these things are real??:D:D:D

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:)umesahau kusema wewe ni professonal ya matusi:)



so you burry kids after you’ve ruptured their rectums!!!sick bastard

Kumbe aviator wewe ni kawambui , kwani ile biz iliendaje kana tureda tutoge 2015 o_O

He he hata supu anaogopa kusema real names :rolleyes:

Name : Nyavo
Late twenties , schooled at Kiambu
Jesus is terriffic

Very Good…Natafuta Kondoo ka wewe…Umekaribishwa kanisani mwa/kwangu (whichever)…To be opened soon…Kuhudhuria mnakuja two and above…, kwani hizo viti zingine zitakaliwa na akina nani???