Ktalk Tutorial

@admin @Deorro @Electronics4u @Mundu Mulosi I need to delete all my nudes that I have shared on my inbox.

I need a tutorial on how to delete them. This site is too complex.

P.S I’m quitting ktalk too… naenda kwa jirani

Honestly FP don’t quit

kuja inbox tuongee

Oh come on, this place won’t be the same without you and who the ferk is gonna take care of all these horny bastards ?

Don’t go…

She is the single reason why UOTP and RWNEBP brigade have not met offline for a bloodbath

FP happy womens day. Offer ya leo ikuje sasa

Navigating this site is a nightmare

FP … vile @MISCHIEF amesema hapo juu

Gosh! I finally locate my own thread!!! This is a nightmare

I inboxed you a number of times and you’ve done nothing! If I need to delete my account please let me know… I need the nudes deleted asap!

Don’t quit dear, it won’t be the same without the 3K, we will miss to know who has been offered.:smiley:


You can’t locate your regular customers?

Sikupata hizo nudes. Si uzitume nione before uende?

Must you say when you are leaving? Si you just leave. Ama we ni kama yule nanii anashinda akitisha eti ata jinyonga kila Siku?

Mbona sikutumiwa nudes?


Sidhani Wamafeelings is free to delete attachments from your recipients’ inboxes.


What’s wrong with you? You are such a bitter man… Anyway, I don’t want the nudes I shared to haunt me in future. CC Farida Karoney

You’re broke nigga!