Cc @Budspencer bibi alibadilika?

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Ahem! Wangwana wale mumeoa hebu kujeni kidogo mlete mawaidha hapa. I’m married to this woman who’s been wonderful for the six years we’ve been an item. Trust has been excellent! She has all my pin numbers, i have hers. Has all my passwords( except ya hii kijiji), i have hers. Joint bank a/c too. I happened to know her Ex though we’ve never met physically. She knows this since she begged me in the beginning not to be like him. Fisi kama Uwes. We’ve been having no qualms as far as phone messages are concerned. Everyone has been careful i guess.

So juzi sato nimeland home and found everyone asleep. Comp ya hao ilikua inadownload movies overnight as usual. Kuingia browser nikapata tabs kadhaa open, most of which were MKZ. Yeye bado yuko huko. I scanned the pages with no particular interest and coincidentally she got a message in her messanger. Kuona hivi ni huyo mlevi. He was asking how her family was doing. So i took interest and scanned all the messages in her chat. They were far apart. One was in Jan, another April. The two were initiated by the guy and she replied with very short answers. But of particular interest was that of Aug. 9/8 to be precise. Mama watoto initiated this. The chat went on for two days. The guy asking to be provided with a shoulder to cry on since he had lost in Kericho parliamentary race. The nerve!! I didnt even know the guy contested. Bibi akamshow asijali ati dunia ni hivo. I was struck by a thunderbolt. Jina ‘Kunguru’ malingering somewhere in my mind. Turns out the guy is a rela to moneyed Charles Keter. Upto now i cant even work properly. Wangwana do i confront her ama i just let it pass? @Budspenceress akinimess sijui kama nitawai recover. Of the married men here do you happen to know exes wa mama watoi? Is this normal?

Ukitafta Shida hutaja kosa… Forrowing

Hii sioni ukijimbiwa… Its like opening old and healed wounds :D:D:D


ebu weka full image ya hio profile yako???

:D:D I would really like to know. The dude was in pain.

There is nothing more that what you are seeing :smiley:

Nothing is happening there. Forget

Rule numero uno: dont snoop kwa messages za bibi utapata heart attack. Hata akipigiwa simu usiangalie ni nani mwambie simu inalia.

Msifurahie mwaname mwenzetu akiumia pls.

Don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble bites hardest when sought out. Let it unravel by itself to you… That way the blow dealt is that tough…

Hapa ni mtu unajistress, how many times must villagers be told knowledge is power, keep that information to yourself and see if anything more sinister manifests itself then you can escalate the matter. It is not a must that a wife must keep a husband in the know over everything, she knows some of them may hurt her man so she is just protecting him. Confrontation may just drive the lady into the arms of her ex if just to spite the man she believed had all his trust in her.

I confronted her on this after a threshhold session about a week later. Akacheka tu na kusema hio upuss isinistue. She said she was glad the guy didnt bag the seat, coz nobody deserves to be led by such chieth. I agreed na kufikisha threshhold tena

watch the whole thing from a distance because it’s almost certain that guy will not want to take her but just help you out when you don’t get to the threshold of which I think the guy didn’t get with her that’s why he wants to do it if she gives in to his demands.
and look for a single mother who can nurse you if it all break loose later my friend if you know you can’t handle it.

Kwera kabisa, michinga