KTalk Scary images da fak???

What is this scary image appearing on all threads and comments? Are we about to be orphaned yet again? Or we are worshiping the devil without knowing?


Yaani pia wee unatumianga Tecno… na ni 6am na uko 7%battery :(:frowning:
Playing candy crash at 5am nkt…
Na hio opera ni ya mwaka gani…


Browser yako probably ndio ina shida.

Kwani @highschooler amekuwa saitan?

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Nani leo ataleta masaibu yake?

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update operamini from playstore. its only a few mbs

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:D:D:D:DHii illuminati na devil worshipping mbona inakufanya uogope hivyo?

Illuminati gives me the feeling of those scary children stories like “Thiga and the giant”. I can not lack sleep for such mythical stories.


:D:DReligious people are the most superstitious around. Thats how pastors keep their hold on them by instilling FEAR. it’s a great force, fear of death, fear of hell fire, fear of Illuminati etc etc

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@kijanamrefu dont you think that with billions of cameras in the world, Mobile or static. No one has ever photographed a ghost. Yet people scamper away in fear at the mention of a haunted house? Brainwash at its best

Imeacha after prayers. I think the devil got permission to tempt me like he did with Job.


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Thiga was a strong boy…he pushed a Stone:):slight_smile: nothing scary there. I chose to concentrate on his heroic stands

@highschooler is a hacker mambo bad, am sure he is a member of river road silk road. Where do you think he gets all the papers daily?


Hehehe. But people will believe what they want to. I think we’re all brainwashed in different ways and degrees.

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kwanza nimeskia rapture imekaribia tena wafuasi hawapati usingizi waiting for the end of times

haha chezea chini :smiley: